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Hello, I am 43 and I have been having seizures for about a year now. First EEG caught last February but unable to pick up anything on MRI,MRA and other EEG's since. I spent several days in the epilepsy monitoring unit and I still have seizures to date and they have me on Zonegran. I used to have migraines all my life but increased to daily(severe) several years ago before seizures started. My neurologist thinks may be related but can't diagnose them as epileptic to date even though I've had numerous seizures. They are triggered mainly by flashing lights ie: police car,ambulance, also white flashing/strobe lights, camera flashes if they are multiple back to back.I also have problem with strong smells. I'm so frustrated. The longest I've gone without a seizure is 3mos. I have a restricted drivers license but haven't been able to drive since last February. Any ideas or help would be great. Trying to stay positive but not looking forward to Xmas lights. Thanks-eva


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Sure sounds like it to me, but I'm not a doctor. See About Epilepsy>>Types of Epilepsy>>Reflex Epilepsies on this site. That sounds like what you are experiencing. I have had experience with Zonegran, and that's a med that you want to drink lots and lots of water with because it can cause kidney stones. I went through that exactly one time before I learned my lesson with it.

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Yes, I'm always thirsty! I've already have one urinary problem and my ob/gyn has the heads up on my meds. I have heard about this with this med. the good thing is that seems to be the only side effect for me. Thanks for your help.

Re: Seizures

You are photosensitive. There are blue glasses you could wear to reduce the impact of lights. Also limit computer screen irme and always turn on the light when watching tv. Best wishes.

Re: Seizures

Do you know where I can find the blue glasses?? I'm willing to try anything at this point! Thanks!

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Safety glasses USA (dot) com, glasses USA (dot) com, you can get them also on any optical store, although they may be more expensive at a store. Online are much cheaper. You can get them in hardware stores too, since you are super photosensitive , go for the 360 degree protection safety glasses that will give you more coverage (wrap around style). Also, you can reduce the glare on the computer screen and iPads and iPhones by going into settings, brightness and adjust them. Do not read or watch tv in the dark, Blue glasses are also helpful when sitting under those awful fluorescent lights. Make sure they fit you well as most are made for men. Blue glasses reduce yellow light and therefore lessen its impact. Color glasses (dot)com also carry them. In their website, it says that blue glasses sooth the brain helps with cluster headaches.

Staples and other office supply stores also offer computer screen filters that reduce the radiation and glare of computer screens, tvs Look it up online.

Best wishes!

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