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venous angioma/ epilepsy any connections?

Had an mri and eeg done. Mri found venous angioma on frontal lobe. The eeg had abnormal electrical activity. I was diagnosed with epilepsy. Has anyone her heard of any connection between the 2 findings. Just wondering. Input is appreciated


Re: venous angioma/ epilepsy any connections?


The EEG showed abnormal activity (seizure activity is abnormal). The area in the EEG is where the abnormality occured. If they look at that area in the MRI they could see where the activity came from and if it comes from the same area the venous angioma may be the cause of your epilepsy. I am no doctor so I am not saying that is the cause but I know the cause of my epilepsy is scared brain tissue which came from a hemmorage to the brain.

As for the 2 findings. The EEG tells them where in the brain the seizure activity came from. By doing that they have the location to look at and if it is the same area it might be the cause. I will leave that decission to the doctors.

I was diagnosed long before there was  an MRI. But the tests they used back then did basically the same thing. THey had found nothing until the last day of testing and the last test was another EEG. In that EER I fell asleep and that is when the saw seizure activity in the left lobe of my brain. With the EEG showing where in the brain it came from they looked closer ay the neuroangeogram and they found scared brain tissue due to a hemmorage to the brain. So if theara in the MRI and the EEG can be what is used to determine what might cause your epilepsy.

Like I said I am no doctor. I will leave the doctors to informing you if the 2 are together but yes the 2 findings can assist doctors with diagnoses. There can and have been diagnoses done without tests also.

I hope you get answers to your questions. I would also suggest you get the diary at the top of this page. Watch the video and use it it can help you and the doctors with procedures and medications


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