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My 3 year old had her eeg today. Question about absence seizures

My daughter had her EEG today, I am so proud of her she was so well behaved. She reacted to hyperventilation (which we knew) and it also happened without any stimulis. She did'nt react to the lights. Now about absence seizures. This is what the doctor thinks my daughter is experiencing however she said that because my daughters head shakes during her seizure. That is not typical of an absence seizure. The eeg recorded that she had her seizures for around 3/4 seconds. Not many poeple notice it unless I point it out. But she gets tired a lot and grumpy with it I think. She is a very bad sleeper too (as far as I can remember) which doesn't help, but I will be talking about that at my next appt. as I see her doing it in her sleep sometimes. Vicious circle. Anyway, Anyone out there who can tell me a bit more about absence seizures and whether they have experienced any head twitching to one side etc. I have an appt with the paed. on the 10th of December so I guess I will hear more if then regarding the type of epilepsy.


Re: My 3 year old had her eeg today. Question

Another mothers love and care.

I have had seizures for many years. If you want you can type absence seizures in the search bar in the top right corner of this page. It will bring up all kinds of information. Generally they are pettite mal seizures. Some are split second others may last a few. I was having them while in school and we knew nothing about them back then because I never mentioned them. I was being written up for day dreaming in class. Really those day dreams were absence seizures considering when given pop tests and quizes my scores were among the highest in class.

As for the twitching those can also be parts of seizures. Wait until you have talked to the doc but do tell him/her about them.

I can say that they may be because people can have more then 1 type of seizures. When I was diagnosed it was before they started specializing. Which was when they had names of epilepsy. I  was diagnosed with pettite mal,grande mal and focal motor epilepsy. With those 3 there are several types of seizures and I do know I have had several of them and they are different is several ways. I would suggest you read about the types of seizures. I would also suggest you get the diary located at the top of this page. Watch the video which tells you how to use it and use the diary and note anything different or unusual. Your doctor can bring it up if you allow them to and with that information in it can give them more to work with. They may see triggers to the seizures and they may use the information to come up with procedures amd medications that might get your daughter seizure free.

I hope this helps and by all means do come back and post how she is doing and if you need information we will always try an help


Re: My 3 year old had her eeg today. Question

Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I think I will start a diary as I have been noting things down for a while now. I have been researching the different types and it does seem that she may be having symptoms of more than 1 type of seizure. I will update you when I hear more.

Many thanks


Re: My 3 year old had her eeg today. Question

You are quite welcome

I know what my mother went thru. But back then there was no web. You believed the doctors and went to the libraries. There were very few docs specializing in anything. Neurologists were working on anything having to do with the central nervious system. One of the neuros I had sepcialized in AZ so he introduced me to the one specializing in epilepsy who retired and introduced me to my next. I have been very lucky since I have been with this group of neurologists since 1970.

Natasha please update. The reason or a large part is to see if I can help people with answers to their questions

Go hug your daughter and do take care and use the diary. Oh and enter all the information you had written down it will help. One of the first questions the neuro will be "How many seizures has she had"



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