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Interested in sharing videos of seizures for education and awareness by Epilepsy Foundation?

Hi everyone,

The Epilepsy Foundation national office is making some new videos and updating educational programs with new footage of seizures. While simulated seizures with actors can be used at times, these are not the same as seeing a real seizure. The ideal is to have videos of different types of seizures that occur in real life situations, not just hospitals. 

If you are interested in helping with this project, here are a few tips of what we are looking for.

  • Video of different types of seizures, but must be diagnosed by a health care professional as a certain type of seizure. 
  • Videos will be accepted only from people who are old enough to give their own consent for the video's public use. Due to privacy concerns, we do not want to use seizures of children for widespread, public purposes.
  • VIdeos of any length can be sent in, but likely only small portions of the video will be used. The Epilepsy Foundation reserves the right to edit the video footage. 

Thank you very much for helping us with this project. People who do not have seizures don't appreciate what it is like unless they see one or have one. Yet, having a seizure is a very personal event and can be embarrassing at times. We do not want anyone to share a seizure if they are uncomfortable.   

If you would like to learn more or have some content you would like to share, please contact me at or 

Thank you again, 

Patty Shafer (known as epihelp)

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