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2 years post surgery and NOW siezures

I have had epilepsy since i was 4yrs old and finally properly diagnosed at the age of 25. Finally after 7 yrs of docs, meds and finally surgery. I had been 2 yrs siezure free, but no longer. I had complex partial frontal loeb intereactive epilepsy. Anyone else have the surgery and regress back to seizures. Where do i go from here?


Re: 2 years post surgery and NOW siezures

After I had a Right Temporal Loboctomy, I was kept on Lamictal.  

 3 yrs. after the brain surgery I had my first convulsion.  My seizures kept increasing until I was taking several a day.  My Neuro. kept increasing Lamictal in the hopes of controlling the seizures.  During 2006 my seizures were uncontrolled.  He added Keppra to Lamicatal.   Seizures increased in frequency.  He admitted me in the hospital in 2007 & weaned me off all AED (anti epileptic drugs).     I've not had a seizure for over a yr..  

We suspect the AED (Lamictal) was related  to my re-occurance with seizures.  I think my body/brain, started to reject the AED.         

 I still have auras which serves to remind me that seizures can surface.   Hence, I  have learned to accept my limitations,  be balanced in terms of  my expectations of myself, keep myself busy  & find joy with each day.   By so doing,,, I've not had any seizures.     

 Worry is like sitting in a Rocking Chair.   It requires energy & gets you no where.

Re: 2 years post surgery and NOW siezures

Sorry to hear that. I am one my one year since my surgery and I been seizure feel. I have heard of others that the same thing happen to them . I would let your doctor know about it.


Re: Re: 2 years post surgery and NOW siezures

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Re: 2 years post surgery and NOW siezures

I have informed my doc and now wondering what they will do now? i mean do we try meds again?

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