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6 year old - peripheral vision loss after occipital lobe resection

Hello everyone - my daughter had intractable seizures coming from the right occipital lobe due to a brain malformation. She underwent surgery today to resect the occipital lobe on the right. The doctors are optimistic this will help reduce her seizures and improve her quality of life. As a result of the surgery she will lose her peripheral vision and some of her central vision. For anyone that has gone through something similar, what was the impact of the vision loss for your child? What therapies did you find effective? Do you feel like your child compensated for the deficit so that it did not impact them day to day? or is it something that caused significant disruption? Was there any impact on school, other than having to sit in a specific location in the classroom to see the teacher? Any advice is greatly appreciated!!


I can only say that I lost a

I can only say that I lost a small portion of my peripheral vision after a portion of my right temporal lobe was removed in 1993.  I didn't notice it until they did followup testing.  But the thought of losing all of the peripheral vision and part of the central vision is scary.  I would get a second opinion from another specialist at another medical center.  Also ask doctors if there is any alternative surgeries available now or in the near future that may help.  I know Responsive Nerve Stimulation (RNS) is only indicated for adults.  But maybe it will become available someday for younger individuals.  I hope this is helpful.

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