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anyone had left frontal lobe resection?

despite my username i am gregg not greggs wife.on march 12th i will go to mayo clinic to have intercranial monitoring with grids done.if this pinpoints enough i will have a resection a couple days pretty nervous big fear is that they can't resect.i'm not so worried about the intercranial monitoring.i've had it done before(only with strips) so i know what to expect.i have faith in the surgeons .i'm not worried about dying.i'm worried about after the resection.what will it be like.i want to know the truth.don't candy coat would mean alot to me to hear a response. gregg (epileptic for 28 yrs.)


Re: anyone had left frontal lobe resection?

I have a 6 year old son who has the same problems.  He was originally diagnosed with just Left Frontal resectioin needed, but now the doctors are recommending that both left and right frontal lobes have resections performed.

Does anyone have any feedback ont his procedure or is there any one out there who has had it done and would like to share their story.

Re: anyone had left frontal lobe resection?

On March 19, 2009 I had Right frontal lobe resection. (Golfball size or slightly larger). 7.5 hour surgery. 39 year old male. I am still the same person. Slightly more emotional (sadness). That's it. Could be the meds. Have low energy and sluggish thinking. (again, the meds). Hope this helps.

Re: anyone had left frontal lobe resection?

My 17 year old son had right frontal lobe resection five weeks ago tomorrow and he is doing so fantastic! No seizures and not even any epileptic activity of any kind on his two week post op EEG. With his surgery, the surgeon came out of surgery saying that he really had to get all over the secondary motor strip to get the entire affected area out and he fully expected Justin to wake up with weakness or even inability to move all or part of the left side of his body. But he had no weakness or disability at all! Thirty minutes after surgery, he was responding to all commands to move all of his extremities on both sides. What a joyous moment for his parents who had been mentally preparing for weeks of rehab. He had quite a bit of facial swelling that was painful but pain meds kept that under good control. He was off all narcotic pain meds four days after surgery and off of all over the counter ones like tylenol and ibuprofen by day eight. He returned to school for his senior year of high school twenty days after this grueling four-hour surgery and nobody could even tell he had HAD surgery! It was a truly amazing and easy recovery. His biggest complain post-op was this weird swishing noise that he could hear in his ears of the fluid in his head shifting around when he moved his head. Very strange and disconcerting but only related to edema between the skin and the cranium and totally resolved within about three weeks. He is five weeks post-op and has been back to his normal energy level for at least two to three weeks. Absolutely amazing! Our surgeon does not shave hair for surgery. It leaves little nicks in the skin that leave openings for bacteria to invade so he just avoids that altogether. My son's scar going from the right front at ear level just behind his hairline, all the way across the top of his head, and about halfway down to ear level on the left side. He was closed with dissolvable stitches that have fallen out and his incision is completely invisible. My son had had no seizures, none of his usual headaches and nausea, no dizzy spells, and had his first completely normal EEG two weeks after surgery. We bought him a cake that said "Congrats on the normal EEG, with normal EED lines running across the front of it and took him out to dinner to celebrate this monumental occasion. Best decision we/he ever made!!! He now has about a ninety percent chance of being seizure free for the rest of his life because they were very careful to get not only his lesion but all of the epileptic area around it. The lesion was the size of a peach pit but the area ultimately removed was the size of a PEACH!!! He has made a fantastic recovery and I wish we had done this five years ago! Best of luck to you!

Re: anyone had left frontal lobe resection?

My daughter just had left temp. resection on March 5th of this year. She did GREAT. Feeling so much better. She was home in 2 days after surgery. The pain was bad at first, but stay with your pain meds. Take them as prescribed and stay ahead of the pain. She was on Tylenol for pain in about a week. She was off work about 8 weeks, but was up and around in about 2-3 weeks. It's the best decision she's ever made. They did not have to shave her whole head. You cannot even see the scar now. No headaches. She doesn't seem to have lost much peripheral vision. She's just started driving again after many years. Her quality of life is SO much better now. She sleeps better and has a whole new outlook on life. It was scary, but the dr. really spent time telling us what to expect. It was worth it. Good LUCK

Re: anyone had left frontal lobe resection?


I had  left temporal lobe resection on 26th July this year. It went better than we would every have imagined! I was in and out of the hospital in 4 days I felt so well. You can now hardly see the scar at all (my hair has all grown back and covered it up) and it doesnt hurt at all. When I woke up after the 5 hour operation, I felt grotty, of course I did, but by the next day I was absolutely fine, and by the day after they could take my bandage off. When I got home I had no side effects at all, I was on paracetomol 4 times a day for about a month, and loved my afternoon naps! When I was tired I fell asleep. The only side effect has been that aparently its made me extra hyper - but i can live with that! now, nearly 3 months on im 100% better, and haven't had a single seizure. I used to have focal particals 2 -3 times a week, and as yet I haven't had a single one from the moment I woke up!

Anymore questions, feel free to contact me -

take care


Re: anyone had left frontal lobe resection?

To Gregg9130: 

Hi, I am currently in the same position you were in when you made this first post.  My first consult with the neurosurgeon is next month.  It would be grid & strips, take me off my meds, make me have seizures, try to pinpoint a focal point, and then do a resection all in one hospital stay. 

I'm getting nervous about it to some extent now that it is finally in process.  I've been through all the video EEG, PET, MRI, Neuropsychological test and have been approved for the surgery.  My doctors are at Duke University Medical Center.  I have had epilepsy for 10 years.

I didn't know if you had any advice if you had the surgery. 


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