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Apps for Apple watch

Our son, 14, was diagnosed with tonic clinic seizures that accure mostly in his sleep. Has anyone tried monitoring devices? We are looking at a few for the Apple Watch that will alert if there is a seizure. Has anyone tried these?


Hi there. Look up Empatica

Hi there. Look up Empatica embrace. Idk that much about it but I’m going to buy one for myself and try it. Good luck. 

Hi there,I am currently

Hi there,I am currently trying out the Epiwatch app on my Apple Watch.  It is from Johns Hopkins hospital.  It seems to start learning your heart rates and response times if you have a seizure.  Obviously, if you feel one coming on then you tap an icon and it will give a small test.  You have to input some information such as type seizures, medications and some other stuff.  It also keeps track of your medications and the app will prompt and ask if your son had any seizure the day before.  Just something to look at if you're interested.Later,Racer

HealthUnlocked, Seizure

HealthUnlocked, Seizure Tracker, Seizure First Aide, and Snug Safety these are best apps for seizures patients, and for apple watch explore Your son will soon get rid of this problem.

Hello @Pattyann3 &  @Raymond

Hello @Pattyann3 &  @Raymond MaGee , My research group has built and is in the final stages of development for a new monitoring device. The device is quite small and worn on the ear like earbuds, we believe we can achieve near equal accuracy in seizure detection and counting as compared to lab studies. There is still significant work to be done, but should be launching a product in a year or so. We might be able to incorporate features or form factors that you and/or your son prefer. If you'd like to talk about this more, I'd be happy to set up a chat.Cheers,

My husband has the Empatica

My husband has the Empatica embrace and it works really well. 

Does Medicare cover the cost

Does Medicare cover the cost of Epilepsy alert devices such as the Empatica embrace watch?  

Hi there,I am a student at

Hi there,I am a student at the University of Colorado Boulder working with the CU computer science department on a device similar to the one you are looking for. We recently received a grant from the National Science Foundation iCorps program to study the commercialization potential for the technology through interviews. We would really love to talk with you for ~15 min about the device you are wanting. Thanks!

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