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Bald spots from long term EEG?

Hi everyone,I got so much help before when I posted, I have another  question for you. I wonder if someone else has ever had this problem. Bald spots from long term EEG?  When my son was in the hospital they did the long term EEG. Its been 3 months since he's been out and he still has little bald spots on his head.  He went for a hair cut right away when he got out of the hospital and I thought the barber nicked him with the razor so I didn't say anything.   But he went for a hair cut again 2 weeks ago and he mentioned it to me himself saying why do I have all these little bald spots?  He keeps his hair short, so it shows a lot.  I told him I would ask on this chat list.  Thanks for any insight on this.   Penny


RE: Bald spots from long term EEG?

Hi Penny - I had a four-day video-EEG monitoring session done in May 2004. I still have a few little bald spots from where the electrodes were attached. I was hoping that the hair would grow back in, but these spots are still quite bald (though very small) after seven months. It makes sense that the trauma to the scalp area could leave a little bald spot. Luckily, I am a young woman with long hair, so mine are easier to hide! My in-patient monitoring was incredibly stressful, and huge amounts of my hair fell out in the 2-3 months following the hospital stay as a result. Those parts are starting to grow back in, but not in the 2-3 electrode spots that I've found. I've been reading your posts, and your son is very lucky to have such a caring mom!Take care, julie

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