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bi-lateral temporal lobe ep

I have bi-lat temporal lobe of my doctors mentioned surgery, she hasn't given me any details yet... But how would that be done for bi-lateral? would they decide which side is worse and cut that out or what?..she said to think about it as the e is very difficult to control, and is unreposnsive to drugs...and sufering with chronic migranes too she tends to think it might help..has anyone been through this situation..or can anyone give me any idea what I am looking at? I appreaciate any responses and help...thanks, Morgana


Re: bi-lateral temporal lobe ep

Hi Morgana,
I also have bi-lateral TLE, but have been told I can't have surgery. My MRI shows mesial temporal sclerosis on both sides. I'm interested to hear what you find out from your doctors as my E has been unresponsive to drugs so far (tried about 9 or 10). I do have the VNS, which has helped a lot. Keep us posted on what they tell you about the surgery. Good luck.
((( hugs ))),

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