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I am considering the RNS device (Neuro Pace in it's updated form)  Has anyone had this device implanted.  I would appreciate knowing any difficulties someone has had or has not had.  My doctor told me yesterday that now they do not take out the VNS when the RNS is implanted.  Has anyone had experiences with one or both? I am not looking at surgery. Does it give anyone headaches, can anyone tell when the device goes off to prevent or decrease  seizure activity?  I am talking about focal, partial seizures.   In addition, I have had them for 60 years.

Now to address lynch193, I have a VNS device.  The implantation was just minor surgery  and besides a scar on your neck and in my case, deepens a wrinkle, no problems.  I recovered within a day.  The device does send a  tickle down your neck and your voice gets a bit rough when the device goes off.  I can't tell when it does..Your doctor can also adjust to help with any pain the device causes or help improve your seizures.  My experience has been that is shorten's my seizures.  However, they are the same strength.  The device helps in shortening these seizures.  The hang up is carrying the magnet with you.  It's rather a heavy magnet so it does not fit like a bracelet as my doctor said.  But, I feel it is worth having inserted.  The device is set to go off every 5 minutes, as a standard, and the magnet will set off the device and give your nerve another electrical shock if you need it to stop a seizure.  According to some good literature, PubMed, you may be able to get more answers if your doctor does not address them.


I got the VNS Oct.12,12 and

I got the VNS Oct.12,12 and it did ok. But in 2015 everything got really bad for me. So Dec.18,15 they put the RNS in and now I have been seizure free for 5 months now. The VNS is still on and the RNS is reading my brain waves 24/7 just like the EEG would. I even got to come off 2 of my meds but I'm still on 2 meds. It took 4 months for my skull to heal and 2 weeks for the skin to heal.

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