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Boyfriend might experience removal of right hippocampus - Should I be worried about memory and emotions deficits?

My boyfriend began having seizures a few years ago. Originally doctors believed his seizures were caused by a tumor behind his right hippocampus, and so he had surgery to remove the tumor. Despite the removal of the tumor, and despite his right hippocampus and amygdala not being cut or removed, his seizures have persisted. He will be having another surgery soon, and while it is unclear exactly what they will be removing, it is likely that they will remove more of his temporal lobe and perhaps partial amounts, if not the entirety, of his right hippocampus. I am extremely worried as it is, and I have not been given a clear answer to whether or not I should expect memory and emotional deficits. I am worried that he will not remember his family and I. Please help!

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