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Brain Mapping

My 22 yo son probably has seizures coming from both sides and his MD wants him to see a surgeon for brain mapping. Can anyone tell me if you have had this done and what your experience was with this procedure. We have not been able to meet with his epileptologist to get any of his previous test results explained (MRI, PET, SPECT, and Wada). They said he needs to have brain mapping and surgeon's office will be in contact to schedule an appointment. I am freaking out!!


Martha,I had many tests for

Martha,I had many tests for the brain surgery I had done in 1993 including WADA to determine the hemisphere responsible for managing memory and several long term EEG's to determine seizure focus.  But I never had "brain mapping".  Was yours done as part of a pre-surgical workup?  Could someone explain the purpose of mapping?  Is this a routine part of epilepsy surgery that they didn't do 25 years ago?

okay so I spaced out and

okay so I spaced out and mapping of the brain is where they stimulate a section to see what controls what. Like a map of the brain. If the stimulate a part that makes it so you cant speak then they know they can't take that part out. If they stimulate a part that makes it so you cant read, they know the can't take that part out.

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