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-Hi my name is Michael              I had brain surgery 5 years ago and have remained    seizure free for this period of time and I am still taking two 400 C tegretol.  I do not have to see my neurologist at London Health Sciences Center in London Ontario Canada until 2008 unlessI have a problem. I am seeing a psychiatrist in Windsor Ont for depression as I find it hard to cope  with my past and present, as I am  unemployed  and 57 years old.  I worked for 18 years until I was placed on a midnight shift and went without sleep for three or more days at a time and started going in to states of hallucinations.  I had a scar tissue on my right hand temporal lobe and had my first seizure at six years of age.  I underwent surgery on the September the 17th 1999 to remove this scar tissue.  It is great to be seizure free, but it is hard not to reflect on my past life and how wrong it went; As for the hallucinations I had seen five psychiatrists the first four had treated me for panic attacks and each one I disagreed with their prognosis however when I went to the fifth psychiatrist he did some background history checks and linked the hallucinations to my epilepsy and the scar tissue.  When I had a severe attack on February 1998 he became very concerned and directed me to the London Health Sciences Center to see a neurologist and it was with this visit  that things started to lead to my operation  and my  seizure free status.                                                                                             Michael lapain                                                                                            53-109 Brien Avenue East                                                                                             Essex Ontario Canada                                                                                              N8M 2N9                                                                                                                                                                                             



I am having surgery to do the grids so they can do the final surgery to possibly cure me and I am nervous please contact me at

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Hi my name is Lisa-Marie and I had left mesial temporal lobectomy done almost eleven years ago and have been 100% seizure-free ever since. Granted, there are a few folks who had unfortunate results from their surgeries, especially those who had it done 20+ years ago. But MOST of us are living the lives we never imaginined living in this lifetime. Doctors nowadays know so much more than they did 10, 20, or 30 years ago. If you find the RIGHT doctor like I did who knows what he's talking about, you should make out just fine.

"Changing the misconceptions society has about epilepsy,
by educating one person at a time"....Lisa-Marie Kinsman

Wow. Michael, That was such an interesting story.

I am so surprised and very happy for you. I am Kelly, a 30 year old woman with Catamenial Epilepsy. I've had seizures since I was 20 due to an unwanted pregnancy. It triggered a pea-size cyst I have in my Left Temporal Lobe was and it was "turned on," causing all kinds of seizures to occur. Then.....labeling me as an Epileptic. I spent years on different medications and going through jobs left and right. My doctor was an idiot and never tried anything new nor tested for anything. I finally got a new doctor, after 10 years of hell. My new one has scheduled tests to monitor my seizures in November and then we'll be taking the other steps to see if surgery is an option. I would just like to hear your story and all about the process you went through. I don't check my yahoo mail often, but i'm here much more. Maybe we'll talk soon. Best of luck to you. -Kelly

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