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Hi everyone, A had a very scarey night last night. I have a question for everyone who has had surgery on this site. I went out on the town last night with a bunch of friends. I had a very good meal. I don't drink alcohol so thats not an issue. I have a partial hippcampectomy operation in January. Last night after eating my meal I suddenly got very dizzy. I collasped on the floor and I was rushed in hospital by ambulance. I really don't know what caused it. Had anyone hear gone through this? This is very scarey as I want to get to the bottom as to why this has happened to me? I wasn't feeling weak or tired when I went out to begin with but all of a sudden it happened. It came on me like a tonn of bricks. Id on't want this to happen again! can anyone enlighten me as to what the reason could be? thanks in advance everyone hugsssssss Raid.


Re: Collasping!

Passing out, collapsing, whatever you want to call it, can be caused by many things including high or low blood pressure, a drop or rise in blood sugar levels, standing up too quickly, and so on.  You really need to explore more about what you were doing leading up to that.  I have had fainting or passing out spells and often times related to IBS.  Other times it was just I stood to fast or was under a great deal of stress.  You really need to talk with your doctor about the other things that could have caused it.  I had surgery in 1990 and I've had fainting spells since as well.  I know I have to be careful and not go to theme parks or go on rides etc.  That can cause problems like fainting etc.  Talk with your doctor.

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Re: Collasping!

Hi Raid. I have not had surgery myself, so realy have no ideas, but I just want you to know you'll be in my thoughts. I hope you get to the bottom of this soon. (((hugs))) n smiles!

Re: Collasping!

Hi. I had a left temporal lobe surgery on Oct 2nd, removing a pea sized cyst that was there and it cured my seizures. I haven't had one since the week before surgery, when they needed to happen for the doctors to see on the EEG machines. I don't know why you had another one. Was it the food or the lack of medicines in your system? Maybe it was just a small one that the doctors say is liable to happen after surgery. Do you have to still take meds like I do for 1 year after surgery is done? If so, how are your levels? Did the seizures normally occur during a certain time of the month? Mine used to occur every month during ovulation for about a week straight with the hormonal changes triggering the cyst and 'turning it on.' A few would occur at other times if I was really stressed out. I hope you're alright and the doctors can help you out. -Kelly

Re: Re: Collasping!

I had that same surgery 25 months ago and am still seizure free! I saw my dr. couple weeks ago and they have reduced me every year and said they will possibly pull me off all of it next year. I feel that it was all worth it.

Re: Re: Collasping!

Hi Kelly,

Thanks for replying.It wasn't a seizure that I had it was loss of consciosness. I just totally blacked out for 5 mins. Luckily a guy and one of my friends was behind me to catch and stop my head off the ground. I had just eaten my dinner so it wasn't that and I had taken my meds about an hour or two previous to when I collasped. Yes I am still taking my meds and I will be for the next 2 years I have been told. I had my time of the month at the time it happened but generally I don't collaspe during it.Well I am going back to my neurologist next Wednesday so hopefully he will be able to help me. He is aware of what happened and I was told to get a blood test taken to check what could have caused me loosing my conciousness. I was told my sodium level was low and one of my meds causes dizziness and low sodium levels so it could be that. I can't come off the meds until I see him next week. Please god he will find out what cuased it.
take care

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