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Complications from surgery for epilepsy

Hi, I had surgery for epilepsy September 2006. I am now having problems with the nerve repaire emotionaly and physicaly and I want to know if anybody else is going threw this or has gone threw this. It would be nice to hear from others to know how to deal with it and someone who understands.


post surgery problems

 Hello tereasa is it the nerve endings that allow you to feel something on your scalp or other nerves that your refering too?

If its the ones that permit you to feel something on your scalp you should have had short sharp shots of pain while the nerve endings were regrowing, and within the 1st few weeks after surgery you should have begun to loose the leathery feeling on your scalp and begun to have normal feeling back.

I had surgery on 11/12/2007 and my scalp is almost tottaly back no normal.

Take care, Scott

nerve repaire

Tere  I felt just like you. I was soooo happy. I was told at Mayo by my Dr. that nerve repaire can take up to 2 years to repaire.  I thought about how lucky I am to not have any bad side effects. Then a year later I started having the bad side effects. I hope you don't go threw this.

Re: nerve repaire

To anyone who has gone through surgery or is considering it - I didn't have the final brain surgery but did go through the surgery of having the electrodes planted in my brain for mapping.  I was so excited to have the surgery and be done with these seizures.  But the electrodes caused 2 strokes.  All that has happened to me since causes me to never concider brain surgery.  I am so happy for anyone who has gone through it and it worked!!  For any of the others, just remember to ask your doctor MANY questions - he isn't going to tell you everything.  Infact when I asked my doctor if he thought I would have a stroke, his answer was no.  Then he continued with "the next surgery is more serious and I will explain more about it later".  If the following surgery could even have more serious results I would have to be crazy to go through with it.  But I do understand that everyone is different - so do what ever you feel is the best for you!  Just remember to ask alot of questions!!!!!


Re: nerve repaire

I am sorry for your unsuccessfull experience.  Maybe you can look up my Doctor's who performed my surgery in San Antonio, Texas.  His name is Dr./Professor Dennis Vollmer.  I believe he is now located in Houston, Texas.

I asked many questions beforehand as well as many tests run on me, ei. WADA, multiple MRI's, mapping of the brain (Hippocempus), EEG's and I did my research.  What helped me decide is that I am not married nor have any children, so if there was a serious risk of complications or death (As with any surgery), I wouldn't leave anyone parentless or pass on my epilepsy gene.

I can always adopt one day if I get married.

Go with what your heart feels is best for you as well as keeping prayer active within your family and friends.

Prayer works, it worked for me!!

God Bless You...Vangie

Re: nerve repaire

Hi guys. Am being tested for surgery next month so glad to hear your comments. I don't know who suggested you can't have kids Vangie. I had a panic attack with my neuro when I found out I was pregnant but he assured me I would be fine. I've gotta say I was terrified how the child would turn out as he sucked all the drugs outta me and I often found myself on the floor. Meanwhile the docs were pushin my doses up + up+up...... However he has come out perfect. 4 years old and no sign of disorders at all. If he catches a cold, guaranteed I'll get it worse. I'd died in an ambulance long before I was his age but he has shown no signs of anything wrong with him. I don't know why any of you are being told you can't carry. Its no worse than if you drink a few

which nerves?

Like Scott, I am uncertain if you're speaking metaphorically or literally.

There aren't any nerves inside of the brain, just those surrounding the skull. So, I am uncertain exactly what the damage is in which you've referred to. Can you be more specific?  

Regarding the emotional damage, I can certainly relate to that. Since surgery, my mild depression quickly became severe. I felt nearly alone, as most people speak of how they'd do it all again in a heartbeat. Most were (are) very pro-surgery. That has been difficult for me. As it has made me feel even more alone. There are others who haven't had an "easy" surgery. Those of us who have had physical and emotional struggles since their surgeries. I have developed a group for those people here. You are certainly welcome to come check it out. My hope is to take that feeling of isolation each of are suffering away.

It's under groups, called: Struggling after surgery

Best of luck to you...hope to see you again :)


*refractory seizure surgery on left temporal lobe 03/06*

nerve repaire

Tere Yes you do have physical nerves that repaire them self by reataching. I didn't have issues with this for almost a year after the surgery. That is why my ear catches on fire as well as around the part of the brain that had the surgery. I was on cloud 9 after the surgery. It is like nothing can go wrong untill the nerves are trying to reatach. I was warned of this. I didn't believe it. Now I know my Dr. at Mayo Clinic was right.

Re: Complications from surgery for epilepsy

I had surgery in December 2006 and have also experienced nerve repair pain.   The pain is sharp and I take Motrin for relief.  Whenever I am uncomfortable, I try to relax and focus on recovery.  As a result of surgery, I have not experienced a seizure and am thankful  that my doctors gave me a second chance to enjoy life.

Re: Complications from surgery for epilepsy

I had surgery done on the Right Temp Lobe on August '08. Before the surgery my doctor and surgeon told me and my husband of all the risks involved and what could happen. I did however lose some perifveral vision in my left eye. As my eye doctor explained it to me, was that I actually lost it in both eyes, but the bad part in the right eye, is made up for by the good part in the left eye.  So I dont even notice the loss in that eye at all. He also said that it would get better, and it has , but it could even fully restore as the nerves continue to re-attach. But even if that doesnt happen, I do still have vision. Just a small price to pay to be seizure free. About a month ago I did have some issues with headaches. I asked the surgeon if it was normal and he said that it was and that you could have them up to a year, because of the nerves coming back. My headaches have thankfully subsided, but when I do get some, its nothing that motrin cant fix. 

Stay strong & God Bless.


Re: Complications from surgery for epilepsy

Hello everyone!

There are definately certain limitations that I am faced with including diminished peripheral vision, depression and obsessive compulsive behavior.  But a great trade off from seizures.

I had my right Temporal Lobectomy surgery on Oct. 23, 2002.  Maybe for the first 3 years I suffered from migraines that were controlled.

I have mild short-term memory loss but have developed an excellent memory for numbers. I am not as shy as I was before for 7 years living with epilepsy.  You know I no longer feel embarrassed or fear that someone will see me have a seizure.

I am currently seizure and medicine free for epilepsy.  My self esteem has grown.

I am 37 yrs of age and even though I have been through 5 other unrelated surgeries since then, I feel very blessed that I recovered wonderfully.  God has me here for a reason.

 I have survived multiple dangerous seizures while driving, almost drowning and being unconcious in my apartment for 3 days.

University Health System has been great to me. Now I will be having gall bladder surgery this Wednesday.  I feel brave and know I will overcome this. (Hopefully my last surgery ever).

So trust me there is much hope for you and you will continue to improve.  Keep your chin up.

With my testimony there is definately hope and a wonderful light at the end of the tunnel.

God Bless you!  Vangie

Re: Complications from surgery for epilepsy

I had a RTL in 1990 and though it stopped my seizures, the emotional turmoil I go through is sometimes worse.  I won't say that the emotional rollercoaster and no emotional understanding or control is fun, but at least I can live on my own.  Had it not been for the surgery, I have my doubts I'd be alive.  I have great emotional turmoil, but at least my 20 seizures a day are gone.  I have a psychiatrist, a Canadian Mental Health Association worker, a great family doctor and I talk with others who struggle.  I also self-educate by reading tons of self help books on emotions and the turmoil of them - trying to educate myself and relearn them.  Let me know if you want to talk further.

Jesus Is My Rock, Music Is My Sanity. Sheri L. Adams

Re: Complications from surgery for epilepsy

Congrats Sherri1969! I am considering surgery myself and have been told because of my age and frequency of my seizure it would be highley sucessful.

Re: Complications from surgery for epilepsy

Hey Tereassa.

 I just sighned up  for and I  wanted to know what kinds of problems you have been  having, because I was supposed to  have the WADA test done on May 19,2008, but had to cancel it last week  because the Sodium Amytal that they used to  put the brain to  sleep during that test has been  nationally recalled,  and this was the second time this has happened to me (the first time being in November 2007). I want to have the surgery done, but I cant have it until I have the test  and I  would like to kbow about everything you have been  through.

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