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corpus caliscotomy

My 10 year old son is being scheduled for corpus caliscotomy surgery in July. He has a long medical history which began with leukemia 8 years ago. It is hard to fathom after all he has been through that his trials still continue. For the past 4 years we have tried about 10 meds, combinations thereof, and the keto diet-to no avail. He currently has about 4-5 generalized drop seizures a day (usually sound-induced). Is there ANYONE out there who has been through this type of surgery??? Were there developmental changes??? What is life like now???


Re: corpus caliscotomy

Hi Anne,

Has your son undergone the surgery yet? I need to make the decision soon to either have my 10 year old Daughter start taking Felbatol, which can cause a high incidence of aplastic anemia and/or liver failure OR have her undergo the corpus callosotomy. Like your son, she has 4-5 drops per day. She had the VNS implanted 3.5 years ago and almost all seizure activity stopped; then in January these drops started occuring with the onset of puberty. I have no idea where to turn and am looking for results on surgeries to help guide my decision. What has your experience so far been?

All my best to you and your family.

Mom of Haley, age 10, Atonic, Clonic and Complex Partial Seizures

Re: Re: corpus caliscotomy

a corpus caliscotomy is a pretty major operation, up to you but id try the drugs first. i assume the side effects of which you speak are relatively rare, or else the drug would not be allowed on the market.

Re: corpus caliscotomy

How did your son's surgery go? I am waiting (with batted breath) for my daughter's drop seizures to return, then we will do the surgery. How long did it take for him to recover? She has not had any other medical problems, except for the seizures and the developmental delays. But, we have been on ALL medications and she has a VNS...we are at the end of the line!!!!!! Surgery is the final option. Thanks for sharing your story.

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