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CORPUS CALOSOTOMY daughter who is 10 has had seziures since she was 10 months old when she had bacterial meningitis. As a result of the meningitis she had a vp shunt placed, complete hearing loss and vision issues, but I have to say the worst is the seizures. She has "drop" and absence. The absence are a walk in the park compared to the "drop". At one time she was have two to three an hour. She has been on several different meds, ketogenic diet,and in March of 2005 she had a 2/3 corpus calosotomy, which did not really help the seizures. She currently has 1 - 2 drop seizures a hour. In late October she will have the remaining 1/3 cut to complete the calosotomy. If anyone could give us information with their outcome on the surgury it would be greatly appreciated. Mackenzie is 10, but cognitively she is about 4 years of age.



Sorry to hear the surgery didnt work. Check out these sites possible one of these may help.

Gordon-Pomares Center

Neurofeedback LENS

What is Neurofeedback

take care

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