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delayed surgery results

My son had a resection in the R frontal lobe for cortical dysplasia 8 months ago. Since surgery, he's had szs. but less frequent and not as long. We've been playing with meds. every other month or so. We've been on the same 2 drugs, but weaned one down and increased the other. He now has gone 30 days without a sz. and I can't help but think (I know it's a long shot)that maybe it's going to work now. I know that most likely we're in a honeymoon period. He went 33 days without a sz. within the first month after surgery and you can only imagine how devasted we were when he started szing. again. Anybody out there with miracle stories and a delayed positve outcome? My doctor did say that usually you know the outcome within 6 months, but I know that it takes up to 1 yr. for the brain to heal. I want to be realistic, but it's so hard to face the fact that he wasn't cured. It's been a long road for sure. Cheryl


I know what you're going through


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I will pray for your son,

Kelly O'Melia

Hey, Cheryl dont give up

Hey, Cheryl dont give up yet. One thing that you are absolutely right about is the fact that it can take up to a year for the brain to heal completely.

I just had my surgery on 11/12/2007 and the only seizures I have had were 4 tiny ones about 1 week after surgery (all in one night). I had forgotten to take my AED's the day before, anfd the brain was still healing. Nothing since though. So dont give up because you never know.

Good luck, Take care of your self and your son. I hope that the new year brings good things to you and your family.     Scott

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