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Detection Device

I have a 20 year old Grandson away at college and his Mom would like to monitor. He is an athlete and has occasional night seizures. Anyone have experience with the new "smartwatch" device.


I am looking into the same

I am looking into the same thing. I’m trying to research and decide between “smartwatch” and “embrace”. Both seem to have mixed reviews. Please, anybody have any experience with either of these products? I will post my thoughts once I decide and purchase. Thanks everyone! 

I have an Embrace and I like

I have an Embrace and I like it a lot. The service is $20/mo for multiple caregivers. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth. When a seizure is detected, you have 15 seconds to mark as a false alarm on your watch or on the app or it sends a text and phone call to your caregivers. It includes your GPS location on a map! You do need to charge at least daily, and stay fairly near your phone to keep connection (but it automatically reconnects). It gives my husband peace of mind if I'm alone with the kids or if he stays up late, since I also have nocturnal seizures.

Hi there,My research group is

Hi there,My research group is working on a new device that should be extremely accurate (direct brain sensing) and has a small form factor by being worn on the ears like earbuds. Although we have not officially launched it as a product (hopefully in a year or so), we have a working prototype and can say our accuracy should be similar to lab-grade studies (better than any watch!!). If you or your grandson would like to discuss, just email me a note and we can chat about it.Cheers,

Hi there,I am a student at

Hi there,I am a student at the University of Colorado Boulder working with the CU computer science department on a device similar to the one you are looking for. We recently received a grant from the National Science Foundation iCorps program to study the commercialization potential for the technology through interviews. We would really love to talk with any or all 3 of you for ~15 min about the device we are developing. Thanks!

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