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Did anyone see Grey's Anatomy last night?

Did anyone see the seizure surgery on Grey's Anatomy last night? Just wanted to see what others thought about it. Lori


Re: Did anyone see Grey's Anatomy last night?

missed it! what did u think? was it portrayed okay?

Re: Re: Did anyone see Grey's Anatomy last night?

I saw it. I've only had 2 grand mal seizures and I did not know I was going to have one so I don't know if some people would have enough time to tell people they were going to fall and drop the baby. Also, I think they portrayed the intern in the room in a bad way. That was tacky.

Re: Re: Re: Did anyone see Grey's Anatomy last night?

You would have to assume that he had secondary generalized seizures and that he had an aura/warning of some kind prior to the grand mal. Who knows, because it is a tv show. As for the way they portrayed that intern was not out of her character and isn't surprising seeing what she is going through with her surgeon boyfriend's condition. She has always been a little selfish and has been somewhat tacky from the beginning. It's how she is, but they've slowing been changing her demeanor to show a little more vulnerability. Anyways, I missed the end of the episode. For others who missed it, it re-airs tonight at 8pm.

Re: Re: Re: Did anyone see Grey's Anatomy last night?

My oldest sister can tell. She was very upset when she had her license taken away because she can tell far enough in advance of her seizure to safely pull her vehicle over..

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