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So I’m having my deep tissue probes put in on May 2nd and I’m looking for ANY advise on what to expect on how I will feel pain wise or anything after I have them removed.


Are you referring to depth

Are you referring to depth electrodes for EEG monitoring?  I had those implanted in 1994 for an EEG which lasted five days.  When they were done with the testing a technician removed the surface electrodes and then the surgeon came in and painlessly pulled out the depth electrodes right there in my bed with no anesthesia.  Felt nothing during the removal and I don't recall any great pain from the lengthy testing.  Have you ever had sphenoidal electrodes implanted into the jaw.  That was painful and uncomfortable.  These depth electrodes are nothing compared to sphenoidal electrodes. 

Interesting to read some info

Interesting to read some info for myself.  I am looking into going in for the SEEG as well.  I have already gone through a VEEG and, Neuro Psychological test as well as an MEG now.  They told me that I will be in for the SEEG for at least a week.  This is the second time I will be in for surgery.  Last time they only left a tiny bit of my right hippocampus.  We'll see where this goes now.Later,Racer

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