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Embrace from Empatica

has anyone tried embrace from empartica?

any feedback?


Yes! I think it's great

Yes! I think it's great because it gives my family peace of mind when I'm alone with the kids, or if my husband wants to stay up late and I go up to bed. You need to stay semi close to your phone to keep the Bluetooth connection. It needs to be charged at least daily. The service is $20/mo, but sends your exact GPS location to your caregivers immediately.

Thanks for sharing your use

Thanks for sharing your use case.Besides the alerts, are you satisfied with the data it is collecting?  is it of any use?  is your doctor getting the data?  or discussing with you any lifestyle issues from the collection of data?thanks.

Hi everyone!You may be

Hi everyone!You may be interested in a new technology my research lab is developing at CU Boulder. It is worn on the ear and is quite small and should be much more accurate than Empatica because it incorporates EEG, EOG, EMG, EKG, conductivity, oxygen content, and other biometrics. Aiming to finalize it in the next year. If you'd like to talk about this more (and I'd love to hear your insights/feedback!), shoot me a message and we can set up a time to chat further. Cheers,Ted

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