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Empatica or Smart-Monitor?

Which watch works better? Has anyone tried both and can vouch for one over the other?


I have the exact same

I have the exact same question.  It's quite an investment.  It seems like maybe Empatica has more biometric measurement abilities now, but their devices do only what their software can do, whereas Smart-Monitor installs on other devices and those devices retain their original functions, e.g. the Fitbit will still monitor what it's designed to monitor.  At the end of the day, detecting seizures or even symptoms of the onset of seizures is priority and that's tough to discern by looking at their websites.

Hello Lauren & @Lia Pretorius

Hello Lauren & @Lia Pretorius , While I cannot personally vouch for either device, I am developing a new option at the University of Colorado that may be of interest. Our research focuses on direct brain and biometric sensing from the ears, and we are trying to keep as small of a form factor as possible so that it is realistic for day-to-day use. We can do in the ear (earbud), around the ear, or even behind the ear. We believe we the accuracy of this device will rival lab studies. At this stage, we have multiple working prototypes and are trying to connect with patients of all types to determine what the most desired features and form factors are. Either of you are welcome to reach out to me directly to set up a time to chat. Cheers,Ted

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