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Epileptic Surgery

Hi there, I just got back from my docs. visit and she put me on to a new medication "Keppra" Was taking Lamictal and Zonogram, but am now going off Lamictal. On the other hand, because these medicines reach a certain point that i just get the same amount seizures (Partial Complex) - get them 2 - 3 times a month. My next step to think about now is Surgery. NOt now, but if i agree, i will first have to get screening etc done first to tell me if i really need it. Has anyone gone through this? Or knows anyone... I have read articles that mention things that i was not expecting. Resh


Re: Epileptic Surgery

Hi Resh

I also have partial complex epilepsy and have gone through so many medications I cant keep count. I'm on 4 different ones at the moment and in 2 weeks I am having surgery.Am pretty scared about it coz theres some big risks.But I figured its better to at least try the surgery in the hopes it will fix me coz the pills arent.Kirra

Hi.. I have coped with


I have coped with simple and complex partials all my life, yet I have also NEVER been put on more then two meds at a time. The less meds one is on, the easier it is to find the source of a problem (and eradicate it) if something goes wrong.

I had surgery last January and so far, to my knowledge, no seizures since. I've also has tests that came back positive.

One must first be tested to see if they qualify for surgery.
(Not even all with partial seizures will qualify, unfortunately)
It took just under two years for me to undergo all the testing & have surgery.

Another good place re: surgery info is:


Re: Hi.. I have coped with

Hello solis, my name is Scott and after 25 years of different doctors and meds I finally found a DR that has listened and is willing to get me tested for surgery. I read what you said about it taking almost two years from the time they began testing until you finally had your surgery. Is that normal? That seems like an awful long time to wait. Any insight that you would have would be greatly appreceated. Thanks Scott.

Hi Scott, It was in May of

Hi Scott,

It was in May of '04 that we (my physician & I) decided I'd be tested for surgery.
2 tests were done by the end of that year: EEG & MRI
3 more tests were completed in '05: a 5/day VEEG test, a 2/day Psych Test, & a 2/day WADA test.

The tests did not take 2 years, finding time and a place for me to have them is what added up to almost 2 years.

By the end of last year, I had the verdict and had spoken to the neurosurgeon. Surgery was early in '06. Assuming all continues as so far, I'm due to nix the meds next January.

Oh.. I may not have said, I'm in Canada where all have basic medical coverage.
So, non-emergency hospital testing is scheduled according to when a person applies.

But, since all people are entitled to medical coverage, my guess is the waiting to be tested is longer than if I were one who could afford to pay for what many can't afford, as in the USA.
Bottom line: higher demand = longer wait time ( logical, but negative)

Yet, I was not charged for either my tests or my surgery. (positive)
American friends have told me their surgery tests and operation cost thousands of $$.

I'm glad to hear you have found a physician that listens and is willing to talk.
They are VERY rare.
Know I wish you the best of luck in your testing.
Let me know how it goes, ok?


Re: Hi Scott, It was in May of

I understand where you stand. I am having surgery next friday. I have went through 3 med(total 4) this past year and they have found that the meds are not working because I am still having sz. It has came down to surgery which is my best results. I prayed about to god and decide to have surgery. God has given me peace about it and I am not worry about surgery. So pray about it and do not worry and I wish the best for you.

Re: Re: Hi.. I have coped with

Hey Scott, I have had all my testing done and it didn't take nearly that long. It primarily depends on the doctors and when they can schedule it for, but it would take no more than a year to get all tests taken. I had an MRI, a VEEG, a PET scan, a Neuropsychological exam, and a WADA exam all done within like 4 to 5 months. So basically it can take anywhere from like 6 months to a year on average is what I would say, depending on the doctors.

Re: Epileptic Surgery

Hi Resh / Scott,
I have Partial and Complex seizures since I was 8 years old (I am now 45). They have tried 9 different medications on me now since I was finally diagnosed at 19. They started my testing for the surgery in May of 2006 and are anticipating my surgery to be scheduled for February of 2007. As some of them said, it depends on where you are. All of my tests were completed except for the WADA test between May and August (I am finally going in for that the week before Christmas) but the hospital I am going to currently has one surgeon to perform the left temporal surgery which I need to have performed. Luckily for me, my insurance here has covered all of the tests this year.
Dawn ;-)

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