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Expected Down Time

Hi, I'm new to the discussion and I'm considering having the RTL surgery.  If I do opt to have the surgery, I would like to know "what is the duration of time that I can expect to being out of work?"I started a new job about 6 months ago and I'm not sure what to expect or what to tell my boss.Any information would be helpful. 


RE: Expected Down Time

Hi Johnny:  It's great to hear you are a surgery candidate! great!  My son just went through it, and although he is only six, he is doing great!  He bounced right back and I would say after a month he was ready to go back to school part time, although I kept him out over 2 months and then started him back 1/2 days...  But of course the older you are the little longer it takes to bounce back.  The doc should answer that question for you and I'm sure someone else will have some good advise.  Congratulations!  I wish you the best.

RE: RE: Expected Down Time

Hi everyone: It's been a long time since I was here, but it's really nice to know there's other's out there that know  "how it feels/  what it's like". I have (& still do) 'Very' hard time making 'friends' & especially ones that 'accept us the way we are'.!!! We are NO different than anyone else. I just wish I could find a 'Friend' closer to where I live,(Ontario)  that I can just go out for a 'coffee' even. I get so tired of feeling left out, & boxed in my house. Would you believe I even get 'kicked out' of public places (Restaurants,coffee shops etc) just because I have 'Petite-Mal Epilepsy'. & to top it off,,"Disability", doesn't consider it a 'Disability'. "Go figure"!!! Anyway, if any of you could spare the time even just for an 'e-mail',,I'd Truly appreciate it,,,Thanx,,Tracey

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