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frontal lobe surgery

Now I know that I am not having surgery but I have considered it. However it's my frontal lobe that's affected and that's what controls all your emotions. I want to be seizure free but I don't want to lose all emotion. And there's always a chance that it won't work, that it could make my seizures worse. Any thoughts?


Re: frontal lobe surgery

Hi there. I just had a benign tumor removed from my frontal lobe. I can tell you for a fact that you won't lose your emotions. If anything they will intensify for awhile due to surgery and drugs. After awhile they should return back to a more normal basis. I hope I helped in some way.

Re: Re: frontal lobe surgery

Hi Rose,
You say you have frontal lobe epilepsy is it left or right temporal lobe? Have you had the all the tests and video eeg?
I had left temporal lobe lobectomy 7 months ago,I have had no siezues to now and am doing everything I was doing before the operation. Has a surgeon discussed with you what percentage chance you have of having a good outcome from surgery? i wasnt keen on surgery at first but I decided to do all the tests and then wait to see what the surgeon said, and then decide whether or not I would do it. I am very glad I did have surgery, it makes a big change to your life not having to worry when or where the next seizure will strike you. I am now at a stage where I consider applying for a driving licence ( 45yrs old ) and in about another 6 months if all is still well, the doctor will start to reduce my medications slowly.
Think about having the surgery, I certainly came through it ok and my emotions are still in tact, in fact I felt very emotional whilst I was in hospital, but this passed a few weeks after coming home, the emotional state was partly caused by the morphine wearing off from the operation. If your surgeon gives you a good chance of a good result , I would strongly encourage you to do it.
Speak to your specialist about an fmri scan , these are relatively new and replace the old wada test,and are non invasive.It was the fmri scan that gave the doctors conclusive evidence that I was a suitable case for surgery.
I will be honest with you, the only problem I have encountered as a result of the operation ,is getting back to my dancing, I find that doing spins and turns makes me feel a little off balance but I hope this will pass with time.
Been offered the chance of been free of seizures is a fantastic opportunity, grab it with both hands and run for it.

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