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Has anyone ever died from brain surgery?

My son is going to have surgery October 4th for his epilepsy. It's called a resection. Has anyone you know of died from any brain surgeries? What could go wrong during the surgery?


Hello, I used to get seizures

Hello, I used to get seizures when I was 2 years old that got cured by the time I was 10. I was placed on Phenobarb and Depakote medication and had a lot of Neurocranial Restructuring done. The combination has had me seizure-free ever since. I am 24 now and have no side effects. God helped my mom with the decisions that ended up being effective. Everybody is different, but I had 5 different types of seizures and all 5 terminated permenatly.

It is the number 1 risk as is

It is the number 1 risk as is in any surgery.  I was lucky enough to speak with someone who had surgery 3 years ago and she has been seizure free since surgery performed.  I was happy to have her share her story with me.  This is what convinced me to have the surgery done.  It is better than living with Epilepsy.  I have suffered for many years to a point medication was no longer controlling the seizures!  They did a number of test prior to surgery to pinpoint exactly where my seizures were coming from.  I also had the WADA and Memory test.  They found that my seizure were coming from the left lobe, speech right side.  They removed 1 1/2 inches of my left lobe and MRI showed they removed the portion where my seizures were coming from so I am hoping and praying that I become seizure free.

I didn't think about deaths

I didn't think about deaths before I had a temporal lobectomy as the physician is a friend and I knew I'd be discouraged if there was any huge risk. Since surgery. albeit I the fact that I have less memory (& need to write things down) I've had no more seizures.

However, I did a search for you and the only death related info I found was about a study where 3 had occurred (A distinct minority = chances of that happening are rare, so no worries.)

If your son has been ok'd for surgery the possibility of improving greatly outweighs the chance of problems.
Here are some pages about neuro-surgery and risks:

Hope that helps & best wishes to you & your son,

Re: I didn't think about deaths

Thank you very much Sol!

Re: Has anyone ever died from brain surgery?

Potential adverse events for lobectomy

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