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Has anyone reduce medication after surgery?

Hey! I had a Temporal Lobe Lobectomy three years ago and have been considering reducing my medication. Has anyone else who has had surgery been successful without meds? I've tried researching the topic but cannot seem to find a lot of studies which have been done with post surgical patients. If anyone has any advice for me, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks! Jessie


Re: Has anyone reduce medication after surgery?

Hi ,, I had left temporal lobe surgery, and left hippocampus removed in March 2006. My nuerologists said that they would "slowly" start to reduce medications one year later ( march 2007), if all is still ok with me,( no seizures) and the healing of my brain . If you have had no seizures since your op 3 years ago and the medication you take is not for any other purpose , I would suggest speaking to your nueroligist about reducing your medication. If you have taken some medications for a very long time, withdrawal must be slow otherwise you can have adverse reactions. There are "some" medications ,I am told, that you can never go off completely because of the above reason. Hope this helps you
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Re: Has anyone reduce medication after surgery?

Had an amygdalahippocampectomy in mid 1992. Off all medication by mid 1994 and remain medication and seizure free.

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