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have you changed?

I'm hopeful to hear from others who've been through surgery on LTL. I've recently heard from my hubby and other family how I'm not the same person since my surgery. I'm more edgy, and detached. I have a very tough time reaching out for others. Not that I don't love them...but I don't express it very well. My hubby explained that there are also little things about me that just aren't the same. I wonder if this personality difference is due to my depression or to the area removed? (Part of the hippocampus and outward) My depression has seemed to ease greatly in these past couple of months, but I hate to think that I'm just not the same person anymore. Anyone else experience this? Heather


Re: have you changed?

Hi Heather - I'm somewhat new to the site & haven't added comments to very many people. I had an LTL in late February of 2005, & have had some major problems dealing with depression and everything else. It's just starting to get a little better after all these months. With regards to changing, I can say that I have definitely even noticed some major changes in myself. Mainly, as you noted, I'm super edgy and very detached from all of my family and friends. Most of the time, I would just rather be by myself than around anyone. I keep praying for things to get better, but at the same time, I'm also trying harder to be a better person. If you ever need to talk, you can e-mail me any time. I wish you the best with everything! Sincerely, Josie

Hi Heather, As you know, I

Hi Heather,

As you know, I also had LTL surgery almost a year ago.

Remember, depression is common after surgery, & edgyness and datachment could simply be an outer appearance of the temporary depression.

To a certain degree I'm the same. People I once was in constant contact with, I haven't connected with (except seasonal cards) since surgery.
I don't want to bother saying anything about my operation until I know the verdict. So in a way, I'm edgy also.

IMO, you still come accross as the nice person you were when we first met, so no worries, ok?

wishing you well,

Re: Hi Heather, As you know, I

Thank you for sharing how you feel (as well as your kind words!) Pamela. ((hugs)) to you!


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