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How humans start to think after brain surgery?

May not be an issue, but more of a question. Surgery in the left part of your brain for ep, when you're a "left brained person", is quite a different feeling experience; somewhat... or maybe it just seems like it. hard to explain.. It's also making my thoughts go all over the place lately, 5 months later, and I'm wondering if the human brain has the ability to "take advantage" of certain situations like this. Do AT LEAST some people temporalily use the other side of their brain after the opposite side is cut out, and then perhaps some of that "cut out" side comes back to use, and is used along with the new woken up parts of the human brain?


Re: How humans start to think after brain surgery?

You do, you have to relearn those things that was cut out on your brain. But you will relearn it again. And the other side of the brain does have to work a bit harder at times.


Re: How humans start to think after brain surgery?

When I went through surgery I went from writing with my right hand only to writing with my right hand and then both left and right hands. I now use my right hand most of the time.

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