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i had my first seizure after surgery,whats to come?

hello on march 20th i had a left frontal lobe resection.on and of since i had felt some things i thought might be seizure activity but now last night i had my first definite seizure.i awoke from sleep gasping and hitting my fist in my pillow.before surgery my seizures where much worse.i would fall out of bed,flip over,hurt myself,much worse.i'm afraid now that i've had one,i'll only have more and eventually they will be just like before.can anyone share their experiance that might help me know what could happen??thanks gregg


Re: i had my first seizure after surgery,whats to come?

Hi Gregg,

I'm sorry to hear about your latest seizure :( I do remember having 4 auras in my first few months post-surgery (a couple were rather strong, and upset me). My epi told me that this was not uncommon, as the brain was swollen and still recuperating. I know how hard it is to just keep going, with your head up. I really hope that you obtain seizure control soon, Gregg. You'll be in my thoughts, take care!


*refractory seizure surgery on left temporal lobe 03/06*

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