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Is it Time for Surgery??

Today I went to the Dr. for a Check up. I am a 28 Year old Female and I have been having Seizures for 10 Years now, and been diagnosed with E, for 2, as a result of a Car accident. I have been on a lot of different medication combinations and nothing seems to completely control my seizures. I still seem to manage to have about 5 or so Breakthrough seizures a month. (Complex Partial). Well I have also been dealing with the ongoing Weight Battle. Up and down..I have gained 16 pounds in 3 months, and I would not say that I am over eating at all. Well today he told me that in order to control the weight and the seizures the option would be Surgery. A Right Temperal Lobe Lobectomy. How have other people dealt with the surgery issue? Was it a good choice and how did you know it was the right choice for you?


Re: Is it Time for Surgery??

Hello there,
I had a left temporal lobectomy in Sept of 2006. I was having up to four and five seizures a day which were musicogenic meaning that music was my trigger. I too tried many many medications with no success. I am so pleased with the results because I have been seizure free since. Work with your doctors and see where it takes you. I haven't had any side effects whatsoever. They were concerned about short term memory and speech for me. Well, I am back in school and scoring high nineties so I am fine. I have absolutely no regrets. Good luck and feel free to ask if you have anymore questions.

Re: Is it Time for Surgery??

I had this surgery 4-1/2 years ago. How I made the decision and how it all turned out is detailed below:


Re: Re: Is it Time for Surgery??

*hugss* Thank you Kevin. I read your entire site and it was wonderful. I am in the investigation portion for the surgery, i've done the video eeg bit, and have to go back in for the invasive bit in september. I also having partial complex seizures only diagnosed 10 months ago however been having them for roughly 5-6 years, just getting worse every time.
Anyways, THANK YOU again, it was uplifting, and very informative.

Re: Is it Time for Surgery??

I have to weigh in on this one as i am a recent surgical patient. And after 30 years of seizures with only the last 5 or so becoming unmanageable i opt-ed for this. And you must go in with guarded hope as you may see many success story on these boards

I'm sure you will not hear the bad side as the area of my problem was in-operable. So I'm not saying it will be for you as it was for me but just go in with all the questions and be sure to ask them. i wish you all the best luck in the world

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