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just now finding out

So, my daughter is now 9 and had a seizure when she was 4. The seizure had to be broken with drugs. She underwent every test in the world to determine the cause and they finally ruled it a fevrial seizure. Four years later she had another seizure which they had to break with phosphenatoin (sp?). And a year later, she had another one. The scary thing is that these seizures last for over an hour and they have to be broken with drugs and a trip to the emergency room. We have pushed and pushed to find out what's wrong. We saw the specialist yesterday and took in the results of the most recent MRI and he has now believed us that these seizures are anything but normal. After reviewing the MRI, and undergoing the 24 hour EEG (all previous EEG's have been normal), they think there is a benign tumor in the medial temporal lobe. It sounds like they will need to operate to get it out of there. I'm not a brain surgeon and I'm very nervous about this, but also very positive that the surgery could help her and alleviate the medications that don't seem to work and give her a more normal life. What is the recovery time like for a procedure like this and how quickly does the surgery usually happen? We're nervous parents, but want what's best for our daughter.


Re: just now finding out

Hello! I'm new to this website and just wanted to put my two cents worth in. At age 10, I had my first seizure out of the blue. Now at age 51, my seizures are controlled better than they have been since they began. I underwent surgery in 2004 to remove the seizure focus. My seizures were beginning along the line of the temporal and occipital lobes. I was in the hospital for about three weeks. After I was released, I was up and about in a very short time. The only problem I had after I returned home were the stares at the staples in my head and my crew cut. Not being a doctor, I would guess a child would recover more quickly than an adult. Good Luck!!

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