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Laser Surgery - Out of Pocket costs for Laser interstitial thermal therapy (LiTT) ??

I have Left Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. Heterotopia (or so-called grey matter) is in my left temporal lobe and is where my seizures' emanate from, as well as blocking seizures' precise foci. Having epilepsy plus heterotopia complicates the assembly of seizure data as well.

Doctors have recommended me to avoid normal brain surgery, left temporal lobectomy, in my case once again because heterotopia complicated things, leading to a higher chance of the adjacent hippocampus (empathy, memory, language etc.) being affected.

Because the LiTT (Interstitial Laser Therapy/Laser Thermal Ablation) method is relatively new and tech advanced, a majority of insurance providers consider it "investigational/experimental" and thus don't insure it, pointing to other more intrusive, conservative, expensive brain surgical methods...though now tons of LITT's have been performed at top epilepsy centers in the country.

Furthermore, LITT does not yet have its own CPT code, which is the code that the medical world uses when referring to any procedure etc.

My insurance will not cover it, and I cannot seem to find what the out of pocket cost will be. I am not expecting it to be cheap, however just want to get a general idea if this is 50K, 100K or more or less. if anybody knows, I would be very happy to learn.


Does anybody know the answer

Does anybody know the answer to what i asked above? It has been many weeks since I posted it, and unfortunately there is no reply. Either means that no one knows...which I can't blame anyone for, or the few that do know haven't seen the post. I play for an answer. Blessed New Year!

Thank you very much. The LiTT

Thank you very much. The LiTT description is very thorough, and I am thankful. I had done a lot of online research (probably have printed and read 1000 pages on minimally invasive techniques). Previously, I had looked at both the Visualase (Medtronic) and Neuroblate (Monteris), and have asked people in the field (I used to work in an Epilepsy clinic in Japan, and have been to many global Epilepsy forums such as AES, IEC, ILAE etc.), still the cost data seems to be hidden. I will give a call to Medtronic Patient Services next week. Thank you.

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