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Left Temporal Lobe

I had this surgery done last year (8/3/06) which it seemed it was worse for me that better. I will be having a Stage 2 left temporal lobe surgery but at a different hospital. When I had the first surgery done, this was supposed to have been the best hospital in the whole area for this type of surgery. The Neurosurgeon was excellent, but the rest of the staff was not. After my surgery (4 hours) I was put in general recovery, not ICU. I wound up having 4 seizures in a row becauses the nurses didn't know they had to give me my seizure meds. The Neurosurgeon didn't find out until the next day when my upset husband spoke to him about it. Epilepsy has been part of my life since 13 years old and now almost 46 years old. Medication has not done me well at all. I have a beautiful daughter who's 13 which of course I think "that's when I started in with this mess". I just keep saying, "she won't!"


Re: Left Temporal Lobe

I have had 2 surgeries. The first surgery they gave me an antibiotic prior to, and found out I was in anaphylaxisis to vancomycin. I then started having seizures in recovery and they lessened. 10 year later I had a 2nd surgery they felt this surgery will stop the partial status attacks! I was ready. I have a minor problem w/ memory and a little problem w/ sight. I have flurries every other day. I now am married and have 2 teenagers and 1 girl started puberty and that is when my seizures started to and I wonder......... The doctor said your son doesn't have it and none of your other realtives have it, the likely hood is very small. He gave me a 2 - 4% likely hood. I wish you luck Patty!

Re: Left Temporal Lobe


 We just finished a 5 day stay in the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit at Dell Children's Hospital in Austin.  Quite informative.

 Anyway, they want to propose my daughter as a potential candidate for temporal lobe neurosurgery.  For her, it would be palliative, not curative, as she also has frontal/generalized seizures.  The ones that are the most troublesome for her with the longest postictal period are the ones that start in the left temporal lobe though.

It is very hard to make this decision for her.  They want to do a PET scan and some neuropsych testing before proposing her to the committee at the hospital. 

 Complicating things somewhat is the fact that she has cognitive challenges.  She just turned 9, but functions at roughly a 3-3 1/2 year old level.   We don't want to further compromise her memory, when she already has to work so hard to learn things.

 I suppose that the best way to get information is by asking people who have gone through it.  What do y'all think, since you have both done it?

 Thank you so much!



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