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Left temporal lobectomy

My daughter is 11 years old and we are considering a left temporal lobectomy. Just wanted to hear others experiences who have had this done. How was recovering? Are you now seizure free? Still taking medication? What differences have you seen with memory/cognitive skills? What should we expect after surgery?


Hi,Uncertain as to how I

Hi,Uncertain as to how I should ask however has anyone experienced Left Temporal Surgery for removal of Brain Tissue as result of a Brain Tumor when I was aged 12 now 47 years. I've been thru multiple tests over the past 2 years and many drug changes for the past 5 years which now seem to fail with Focal Seizures Activities to a degree that I can no longer Hold a Job, Drive a Vehicle and Lost my Wife and Family. The results of the Test Video EEG's (2) and recent SEEG Brain Mapping have resulted that the Left Temporal Surgery Resection can be carried out however I have only be give a 15 - 25% Chance at Most that it will make a difference and/or impact to the Epilepsy. If anybody whom reads this and has been given the same diagnosis of a 15 - 25% Chance that the Resection Operation Will make a difference to the Seizure Activity then it would be great to hear from you, please forward your reply as I am finding it very difficult to make a decision to proceed with the surgery or not as I've also been informed that I am to remain on medication (AED's) Post Surgery as well, possibly at most a reduction in the dosage size after 2 years however I am currently on 3 types of AED's twice daily. Agin if you have been given a similar Diagnosis of roughly 20% please reply, this would be greatly appreciated. Thank You JAB

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