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left TL surgery on 1/24/07

I am going in on the 24th for a left temporal lobectomy grid placement and mapping and they will remain until febuary 2nd. If my speech isn't in the way, they will remove my left hippocampus on the Feb. 2nd. I have been reading and speaking to some of you and appreciate your support. Chumtochatwith, thank you for your advice on the insulin pump. I have shown my husband how to use it, so hopefully he can help with it when I come home. How are you doing now? Did anyone that went thru surgery feel up to company in the hospital, can you even talk after surgery or will I be too confused? anything as to what I can expect in the hospital would be greatly appreciated. I was told I will be there for about 5 days after the removal of the hippocampus provided they can do it. It depends on the mapping. Mulleca


Re: left TL surgery on 1/24/07

I had left temporal lobe lobecotomy and hippocampus removed earlier this year in one operation. Yes I was able to talk after operation ( even in intensive care ward after op). My Mum and Dad visited me every day I was in hospital ( 7days ) and boy did it help me through having them there ,it also helps fill your day. If I remember correctly, I think I read on your original posting that you have diabeties, I cant help you with how that may affect you as I do not have diabeties.With the removal of hippocampus you can probably expect some short term memory loss.Short term meaning recent ,less than 24 hours is considered short term. However, I am a dancer, and since returning to dance ,I have troubles remembering my dance routines - I do not want to alarm you but it something to be aware of that may happen.
As part of the operation the jaw is cut and is sore to open fully for about 3 weeks. You may experience some sight disturbances at first ,but my surgeon told me not to even consider changing my prescription glasses for at least 6 to 7 months after the operation,
As I said above I dont want to scare you but if anything concerns you it is best you discuss the matter with your surgeon.
Good Luck Aussie 2006

Re: Re: left TL surgery on 1/24/07

Hey Aussie, my hubby is an Aussie too! I just had my RTL on January 3rd myself. Wow, I had no idea the recuperation would be quite so rough. I spoke after the operation too and really have had no complications or anything, just the intense jaw pain and my eye bothers me and the fact that I can't really pick up my two little girls the way i would like too. But otherwise things are ok. How interesting to hear also that you are a dancer as so am I! I am a ballet teacher here in the DC area and I can't wait to try and dance again! When did you first attempt going back to class? And where in Oz are you from? My in-laws live in Buderim and my hubby is originally from Sydney but grew up in Canberra.

Re: left TL surgery on 1/24/07


I could speak immediately after my grid and depth surgery, in the recovery room (as I grasped my head in pain).I was in and out of it once I got into the ICU. I think that my pain anesthetic was changed for the second surgery (focal point removal), as the first caused vomiting. Vicodin allergy, apparently. So, the second surgery didn't cause nausea for me, and I woke in my ICU room a few hours later.

Speaking wasn't a problem in my case. Intense headaches were a huge problem, so I didn't want much noise at all. Just having someone there to hold my hand was what the doctor ordered. Some people are in and out of it all without a problem, I wish you the best of luck!


*refractory seizure surgery on left temporal lobe 03/06*

Re: left TL surgery on 1/24/07

Hello Mulleca,
I am so glad to hear that you got your date! Good luck and I hope things go well for you!
I am actually doing wonderfully. I have be totally seizure free since the surgery so I am just so happy!
To be honest, I wasn't up to any company whatsoever while I was in the hospital. I hardly even knew that my hubby was there lol. They had me quite medicated so what can you expect right? I wasn't up to much conversation while in hospital. I wouldn't say it was because of confusion but because of pain and nausea. I just wanted to sleep it off and wake up feeling better. I was in the hospital for five days after surgery. Once I got home, I didn't do much for about three weeks. I just wanted to sleep but this ended up interrupting my sleep patterns so that was just another thing that I had to get back to normal.
Good, I am glad that I could help. He will feel better too knowing that he is doing it correctly.
Let me know how it goes okay?
Best wishes my friend! xoxoxoxo

Re: Re: left TL surgery on 1/24/07

I had Left TL Surgery on 11/17/06. I give the glory and praise to god for healing my body and blessing the surgery to go well. I had really bad headache after surgery but god brought me through those. After the third week, I doing some of the basic things I did before having surgery, and this Friday coming up would be my ninth-week since surgery. I give the god glory praise for how far he brought me and I have not had a seizure after surgery. I pray that everything goes well.

Re: Re: Re: left TL surgery on 1/24/07

I too am a Christian and am on many prayer chains and have total peace about the surgery. The Lord had been preparing me since Last spring about the whole journey and has told me to let Him do the driving. I am in the passenger's seat and need to fully trust Him. So that is what I am going to do as of January 24th when they put the grids in and then on Febuary 2nd when they take them out and hopefully they can do the resection of the brain. Keep me in your prayers. Mulleca from Minnesota

Re: Re: Re: Re: left TL surgery on 1/24/07

I had God with me during my Left Temporal Lobe Surgery also. I had it in February 1998 and I was standing at Heaven's Gate during it. And if it weren't for God (Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit) and the wonderful Doctors at the Hospital for Joint Diseases in NYC, I wouldn't be here today!!!

Trust me, the only thing I wanted back after my surgery was my hair--my neurosurgeon had to shave my head!!!

Pray and don't stop praying!


You do realize (I hope) that

You do realize (I hope) that publically crediting God for making 'you' better, infers that God is also responible for keeping others having seizures?

Or is that 'Satan', as written in the Bible?
eg. Matthew 17:14-18, Mark 9:17-27, & Luke 9:37-42

Please know, I have only respect for religious beliefs.
However, (1) this is not a religious community and (2) your public statement infers you gained while others (ie. who didn't get controlled) lost.
IMO, that's cruel, and NOT in keeping with "Do unto others as ye shall have them do unto you", so I'd politely request that you keep your religious beliefs private.


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