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LTL Surgery February 21

Hi everybody. To my friends out there I wanted to let you know that I have finally finished all of the testing and they are going to perform the surgery next month to remove part of my hippocampus in my left temporal lobe. The neurosurgeon says I have an 80 percent + chance so I am keeping my fingers crossed. I just had the WADA performed on Tuesday and it was nothing that I feared it would be (I was up and around that afternoon). Thanks for all of your support Dawn ;-)


Hi Dawn.. :) Congrats!! Know

Hi Dawn.. :)

Know I wish you the very best!!

As for the neurosurgeon's assessment of expected seizure freedom, I never heard/read of such a high percentage anywhere.
My surgeon practices only epilepsy surgery, & the success % I was given was 60-70% which coincides with what is written here re: temporal lobe surgery.

Why am I saying this? Because ,IMO, we all need to be prepared that surgery may not work, & if we aren't prepared such a result could be devastating.
However, given that the chance even exists, IMO, unquestionably it's a risk worth taking.

I'm rooting for you,

Re: Hi Dawn.. :) Congrats!! Know

Hi Sol
I know what you mean regarding how he is placing my chances at. I will be going to the Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, GA next month for those of you wondering. I was very surprised when he thought my success rate would be that high. I do understand where you are coming from though as far as the surgery not working. I have tried so many medications and have lived with this nearly all my life (I am now 45) that if it does make me 100 percent seizure free I would be amazed. I have been having them at least once a month since I was in high school for a few days at a time. Thanks for thinking of me ;-)

Re: LTL Surgery February 21

Hi Dawn
Good luck to you. Do your seizures start in the hippocampus? What hospital are you going to? Will they do any intercranial testing after you go into the hospital? You have an 80% chance of seizure freedom? Well, I hope all goes well.
Best wishes,

Re: Re: LTL Surgery February 21

Hi..thanks for responding. Yes, mine start in my hippocampus. They will not have to do the intercranial testing before the surgery. I believe the neurosurgeon thinks my success rate is higher because my seizures started when I was 15 months old (femoral-high fever) and the other side of my brain was able to take over at a young age. Hopefully if they remove the damaged portion of my left hippocampus then the seizures (partial and complex partial) will stop.

Re: LTL Surgery February 21

Hope everthing works out for you. If everythings goes as good for you as it did for me you will be so glad that you had it done and I am sure it will.

A Friend With Epilepsy


Re: LTL Surgery February 21

Congratulations Dawn that's GREAT news. I am very excited for you.
You will have to let us know which hospital you are at so we can check in on you and see how you are doing.
I see my new nuro Monday at the hospital that will be doing my testing. Good luck and take care Scott.

Re: Re: LTL Surgery February 21

Good luck to you also. Are you just now starting all pre-surgical testing. If so wishing you the best.

Dawn ;-)

Re: Re: Re: LTL Surgery February 21

Thanks Dawn, I met with my new nuro and she was great. She was full of questions and answers. they will be calling me within the next two weeks to schedule the video eeg.

Good luck and take care Scott.

Re: LTL Surgery February 21

Good Luck on your surgery - You'll have to let me know how it goes- i'm going in to have a RTL on the 22nd- are you scared at all? I'm starting to get a little antsy but I'm trying not too - I kind of have a residual tumor situation as well so they weren't able to give me a % of seizure freedom afterwards but 80+ sounds great to me- I met a nurse at the hospital I'm having my surgery at that had a major LTL done and was given a 60% chance of seizure freedom and has had NO seizures since her surgery- 10 years ago- Best wishes on a quick recovery- just remember to keep your head raised when you sleep- or you'll wake up with a puffy face :P

Re: Re: LTL Surgery February 21

YES! I can attest to that, sleep upright!!!! I had my face swell to twice it's normal size because I overdid it activity wise and because I slept flat. Also, drink lots of water, keep the electrolytes up and sleep upright. Not only will it help with swelling but it helps with headaches. Best wishes!!

Re: Re: Re: LTL Surgery February 21

Thanks to all of you for your best wishes for me next month and for all of the sound advice.
Dawn :-)

Re: LTL Surgery February 21

Hi Dawn,
I am just dropping you a note to wish you all the best for your operation. As you know I had the same operation. You will be in my thoughts and Prayers.
God Bless
Raid x

Re: Re: LTL Surgery February 21

Thanks ;-)

Re: LTL Surgery February 21

For those interested, the hospital called me on Friday to inform me that my WADA test didn't take and I have to go back in tomorrow (2-6-07) and have it done over. I realize it wasn't that bad the first time around but that didn't mean I wanted another one :-P My doctor called me this morning and said that something went wrong when they tried putting my brain to sleep on my bad side at the beginning of the procedure and I couldn't perform the test correctly so they are going to do a more detailed procedure tomorrow.

Re: Re: LTL Surgery February 21

These things take time--God's time!!!

Hang in there.

My prayers are with you.


Re: Re: Re: LTL Surgery February 21

Thanks, I believe the test went well this time. I am back at work today and I am down to 21 1/2 days and counting. I think I am more nervous about the recovery than the surgery.
Dawn :-p

Re: Re: Re: Re: LTL Surgery February 21

I don't like this whole thing of having to go back because the wada test didn't take? c'mon thats the crappiest test to have to take. If you can't do a wada test can you do brain surgery? My second opinion at Mayo didn't even require a wada test, surgery set for 3-7. not to scare you but second opinions are good, i even have a doctor harassing me for a 3rd opinion after mayo clinic

Re: Re: Re: Re: LTL Surgery February 21


I just had my RTL a little bit over a month ago at Emory and am getting over the hump on Recovery. Don't worry.... you will be just fine! I iced my eye and the swelling up because it does get pretty swolen, but no worries!
Just curious... who is your doctor over there?
My thoughts & prayers are with you!

take care & let me know if you need anything,


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