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MEG tests

Does anyone know anything about the MEG test and how important it is?


Re: MEG tests


As I mentioned earlier, my son Steve has the MEG test done as it was recommended by his epi. Our insurance did not cover it, they said it was experimental, so the test was givin to us at what was said to be a cash discounted price, $1500.00. Unfortunatle no seizure activity was detected during the test, the radiologist who administered the test said they would probably redo the test again at no charge, but the epi decided that it was no longer needed. Why? She said they thought they had already collected enough information in phase 1 testing. Turned out they did not have enough info from phase 1. So Steve had the depth electrodes, phase. And will now have a grid implanted in October, if the grid pinpoints the location, he will go straight to surgery.

So to tell the truth, I don't think the MEG was very important, I think some epis like to use it as an additional tool, but in the end, like the insurance co said, it's probably just experimental and not really necessary.

Re: Re: MEG tests

Thanks for the reply We are in Australia and don't have this test yet our doctor seemed to think it was unneccesary fo the cost it would involve but i was keen to gather a bit more info I think you are right after a little more research. my so is due to have surgery in 8 weeks with grid placement first still having about 5 seizures in the evenings so lets hope and pray this goes well i hope you sons op turns out well it is a real witing game at the moment i guess its the same for you Take care

Re: Re: Re: MEG tests


Will be praying for Zac and you and family. So 8 weeks to go, by the time Steve goes in for the grid, Oct 2nd, Zac should be doing fine.

We were hoping Steve could have the surgery over summer break from school, but just to many epilepsy surgerys were lined up by the time all the testing was done.

I'm really worried about it. We were really hoping it could of been temporal lobe, rates of success are so much greater.

But I asked Steve the other day what his expectations from the surgery are, he said he just hopes he can at the least get a little better, at least have seizure control with medications, he then said he is really excited about getting it done. Wow, It's so tough on these kids.

We have an appointment today with the neuropsycologists. Steve still having about 6 to 8 seizures a month shortly after falling to sleep, or just before waking in the morn.

Not sure, but I think I that there are only about a dozen MEG machines in the U.S.

Steve is going away to camp on June 24, with the Epilepsy Foundation of Los Angeles, he enjoys the freedom away from mom and dad.

Re: Re: Re: Re: MEG tests

We will also keep you guys in our prayers Zacs epilepsy is frontal lobe although he will have the whole 128 grids which means we have been given special permission to do this at an adults hospital He too says he is looking forward to surgery as he is still having about 5 a day. They really are amazing kids i think we worry much more than they do sounds like the camps are great fun I dont think we have anyhting like that here althogh we do have a few things. Zac is at school 3 days a week with s fsntastic teacher i home school him the other 2 it really effects everything We have 5 kids Zac is in the middle All the other kids are great with him we will let you know how we get on our email is if you won't to speak more

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