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My 3 year old son suffers from intractable simple partial seizures originating in the motor strip and affecting his right leg. Surgery is considered but will impact on the use of his right leg. Has anyone had epilepsy surgery involving the motor strip?



I know it has been awhile since you posted but hope you still check... My 3 yr old son had suffered from intractable simple and complex partial seizures affecting his left arm and hand. He had Todd's paralysis associated with the seizures and had seemed to have basically forgotten he had a left hand. He is on 4 AED's and at one time was on 5 AED's. Even with all those meds he still had seizures daily between 1 and 5, all at night at least for the last 1-2 years. His seizures began at 3 months of age and until July 06 all MRI's were normal. In July they were able to identify an almost imperceptible spot on the MRI. It was in the motor cortex but he was now a surgical candidate. Had the first surgery which was the grid placement 11-15-06. All seizures originated in one spot, which was kind of on the borderline of the sensory and motor strip. Brain mapping showed the area as nonresponsive tissue. 11-22-06 he had a resection and they removed the seizure source. He has been seizure free since and uses his left hand and arm like never before!!!! I will pray for your family and wish you success in your battle. If you have any questions or want to talk share info... my email is Best wishes Kim

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