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mst surgery

Has anyone had mst surgery on the right frontal lobe, when a complete resection was unacceptable because the locus was too close to the motor cortex? I'd like to learn about your experience and outcome. Thanks, Pete


Re: mst surgery

Hi Peter,

Here is info written by an epilepsy physician on that type of surgery. Plus, to the right side of that page there are past community comments on the subject:

best wishes,

apologies.. my post

apologies.. my post dupicated

Re: mst surgery

My 10 yr. old son was told he would probably have the MST procedure also because of the proximity to the motor cortex, but turns out they were wrong. He had cortical dysplasia on the R frontal lobe. He was admitted for grid placement and for a fMRI which all gave us hope that the lesion wasn't as close to the motor strip as they originally thought. Initially with the MST procedure we knew the success rate was much lower for complete sz. freedom, but that we were looking at sz. reduction. I'm just wondering how much testing you have had done so far because I know they really can't be certain until they do some motor testing with grid placement or a functional MRI, which is fairly new. Where are you in all the testing so far? I hope the best for you!! It's quite a journey.

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