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My before/after surgery tale... told in pictures! click the link above if you wanna read up on what I went through, I hope it gives everyone some insight.


Re: My before/after surgery tale... told in pictures!

It's pretty neat that you thought ahead by taking both before and after pictures. We took a couple of pix of my incision when my bandages came off, but that was it. Now I kinda wish that I'd taken before & afters.

Thanks for sharing your experience, the pix are great btw!

Heather :)

*refractory seizure surgery on left temporal lobe 03/06*

Re: Re: My before/after surgery tale... told in pictures!

hey no problem

and glad to see you went through your surgery as well

Re: My before/after surgery tale... told in pictures!

You look great afterwards! You will be back to classes in no time! I had my tumor out- yikes- 5 years ago now and my face was all swollen and crap and had soap on it-I'm having it re-cut in t-minus 5 days though for seizure surgery and more tumor resection and this time I have a video camera- I think you just inspired me to have my family catch me on camera - if the staff doesn't freak out- I've also been trying to catch one of me seizure on tape- just in case I never have one again(fingers crossed)

Hope you are feeling well and that the 'monster' is gone forever!


Re: Re: My before/after surgery tale... told in pictures!

yeah, i am feeling well thank you and from what it seems from the post-op cat scan, its all gone. or so im told.

i wouldnt catch a seizure on tape. thats way too scary... i would hate to look at it...wouldnt you? its also kinda embarrasing i would imagine, i dont know. but thats awesome if youre brave enough to see what it looks like.

i hope you stay seizure free and hope all goes well for you

Re: Re: Re: My before/after surgery tale... told in pictures!

I've just been told many things that I do- complex partial seizures are what I have- and now that they may be gone I guess it's making it more interesting in some creepy kind of way. I have been also trying to catch them in my sleep just to see if I was having more than I originally thought so I could count them up better- sometimes I wake up in the morning any my boyfriend tells me I had one and I have no memory of it at all.

Glad to hear they got all of yours- they left something behind inside of me - which is my second problem- hopefully they can get the rest of it this time!

Take care


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