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My VNS Overheats and Vibrates

I'm seeking for some sort of answer to what recently happened to me. I went through a VNS surgery 2years ago and my epileptologist went on to increase the frequency as time passed by. Right now, the frequency is kind of high according to my Doctor. Last night, I experienced something strange; my VNS began to shake and overheat, this lasted for almost a minute. At first I thought I was experiencing an earthquake until I realized I had a compressing feeling on my chest and a rumbling sensation coming from the vns itself. After this happened, my body could not stop shaking for at least an hour, then they would come and go, but the vns no longer shook it was just my body. By this time I was at the ER, they had no idea what was going on. Throughout the whole time I felt my auras acting up very intensely. I was sent home and when I fell asleep I had multiple myoclonic seizures and 2 TonicClonic. Now, I still feel this compressing feeling on my chest coming and going, at least every 10 minutes and they last quite a bit. I guess I should mention that ever since the frequency was last increased, I've felt small vibrations and rarely it would heat up a little bit, but not like last night. Last night was the strongest vibration/shake and completely overheated. I know it wasn't a seizure because I only have them in my sleep. Please contact me with any information that may be relevant or useful. Thank you.


Why not call your epilepsy

Why not call your epilepsy doctor? Anytime there is a change that's unexplained and causing problems, it's best to check directly with them.He or she may recommend taping the magnet over the generator to see if symptoms change. 

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