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Need answers about temporal lobectomies?

I've just had a temporal lobectomy for focal seizures (hippocampul sclerosis). So far everything has gone seizures...if you want to know something about temporal lobe resections for epilepsy just ask, I'll tell you what I know. I'll try and check back regularly.-Chris


Re: Need answers about temporal lobectomies?

Hey there, GetBackJack,

It's 5 days till my right temporal lobectomy, so I don't have any
concrete answers for you, only the things the surgeon went over when I saw him... Like the surgery length-4-5 hours., hospital stay-3-4 days, re-coup. time -6-8 weeks, % of surgery success w/o meds. 70-80.
And also the fact that this particular doctor performs about 50-60 of
this exact operation each year, a COMFORTING thought. I hope this is beneficial to you in some way !


Re: Re: Need answers about temporal lobectomies?

Hey Vidacious,

Best of luck with your surgery! I had a left temporal lobe surgery on the 2nd. of Nov. So far things are going well and no seizures. Yeah!!! I have/had epilepsy for over 26 yrs, and fimally found a specialist and a neurosurgeon 4 months ago. My surgeon is very young, 38yrs, and has performed many, many surgeries like mine( over 400)since becoming a surgeon. My surgery started on Thurs. the 2nd, lasted about 3 hours and I was home on Sun. the 5th. I am now doing great. It will take me about 3-4 more weeks until I am able to do more things. I must sleep and rest a geat deal, and that gets tough with 2 kids and a wonderful husband. Things do tire me out now, but everyday improves... :-) I hope this info.helps in any way.

Re: Re: Re: Need answers about temporal lobectomies?

Hi dshell and GetJackBack,

Can you tell me what your recovery has been like thus far in terms of headaches, mood swings, and memory?
Also, before your surgery, did either one of you have an intracranial eeg?

Re: Re: Need answers about temporal lobectomies?

Hi my name is Michael , I had a right temporal lobectomy on September 17, 1999 and after the surgery was free of seizures for six years; however a year ago I ended up having three seizures over the course of a year in my sleep and never nothing during the day. I was always on medication two 400 CR tegretol during this period after the operation and my neurologist tells me there is some slight spiking in the area where the surgery was done. He has increased my medication by another 200 mg of tegretolCR and I have not had any more nighttime seizures for the past five months since the increase of medications. I have to say the surgery did help as I used to have daytime and nighttime seizures for over 46 years , as I started with seizures when I was six years old. as for the risk associated with the operation anything has a certain amount of risk but it is very small in comparison to the results of surgery. I hope this informations will encourage you to have the surgery believe me it is great be without all the seizures I used to have.

sincerely yours

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