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need to know more about left temperal lobe surgery

having surgery in november and very scared. would like to know about all the tests that need to be done and why. if anyone can help me please let me know thank you wendy



a few weeks ago i was in the hospital withdrawing my seiazure meds so they could see the type of seizures i have, and then went through a battery of tests that included eeg and mri scanning. 

weeks later the neurologist told me all the seizures were coming from my left temporal lobe with the mri confirming some scarred brain tissue there in same location. he wanted to know right then and there if i wanted surgery, saying that i am very lucky to have all the seizures coming from one central point in my brain wth the mri the reason why.

a few days ago (last thursday) i had the wada test. i am going back to thegym tonight finally to continue my bodybuilding routine.

next week i go to meet the neurosurgeon. my question is this- the wada revealed that my language is controlled on the left side (where they want ot take out this scarred tissue) and my short term memory seems to be of equal function on both sides of my brain. what should i expect?

i have written down all my passwords, etc because when i left  the hospital  after having all the seizures (when withdrawn from my meds) i had short term memory loss not remembering stuff, but eventually it all came back to me within three weeks' time.

thanks in advance for any info you call can provide.

Er..I'm baffled as to how

Er..I'm baffled as to how can you know you're having surgery if you haven't had the pre-surgery tests since being qualified for surgery is completely dependant on the test results.
Not all who have TLE will qualify for surgery.

Here is some info on pre-surgery testing
as well as a success ratio for the surgeries on various parts of the brain,

Hope that info helps..
And yes, I had a (left) temporal lobectomy 1 & 1/2 years ago.

Re: Er..I'm baffled as to how

i go for the testing for 5 days in the hospital and they told me they would schedule the surgery in nov. why? they already ran the tests before to locate where there coming from. im fairly new to this site but just dont understand all the tests. do they really have to do all these tests?

thank you solis for helping me. i just dont understand what their doing.
your friend

Re: Re: Er..I'm baffled as to how

Best wishes on your upcoming hospital visit, Wendy.

Re: Re: Er..I'm baffled as to how

I went through a temporal lobectomy back in 95. Before surgery I went through video eeg, subdural eeg, numerous MRIs, CAT scan, PET scan, and a WADA test. To go through surgery most people have the WADA test done to distinguish whether your speech comes from the same side of the brain as the seizures. Most people go through the PET scan because it helpds the nuerosurgeon tell how effected your brain is from the seizures (how much is in hybernation from too many seizures) it also helps with telling were the focus is. MRI's can help show scar tissue and tumors or lesions. The video EEGs help show where the seizures come from. Subdural EEGS (meaning put the devices into skull to test) help clarify even more where the seizures come from. CAT scans help with showing any abnormalty that could be the cause (but my impression is they are not as useful as MRIs). I hope that helps you with what some of the tests are. Some tests are always used for surgery, as far as I know, like an EEG, MRI, and WADA test.

Re: Re: Er..I'm baffled as to how

They're going to be operating on your brain. You want them to know what they are doing! They need to know where things are in your brain, like the communication area, so they don't mess that up when they operate. I'm a good example. What they needed to cut out was right beside my communication area. If they hadn't known what was right beside what they were cutting out, think about it. But they did...and I'm fine!
They should be explaining things to you as well, so you understand what is going on. I understood so much more about my own brain and what was going on and why before I had my surgery. It was awesome! It can be a very good learning experience in different ways. Plus, you know your surgeon has an excellent picture of what's oing on in your brain. I was very relaxed when it was time for my surgery. That was a good way to go in.

Re: need to know more about left temperal lobe surgery

Wendy I had left temporal lobe surgery back in December of 1994. I had to endure a battery of tests. MRI, CAT scan, PET scan ( I think ), Neuropsych testing, mapping test, Video EEG,etc. Will you sleep through your whole surgery? I didn't. Back in 1994 it was necessary for alot of us left temporal lobe patients to be awake for surgery. I'd almost bet that you will sleep right through it. Don't sweat it. I promise today's doctors know so much more than they did 20, 30, 40 years ago.

Best of luck!

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Re: Re: need to know more about left temperal lobe surgery

Hello Wendy,
I had the LTL back in Sept of 2006 and it was a success. I have been seizure free ever since and do not have any regrets whatsoever. The tests are necessary in order for the doctors to locate where your seizures are coming from and also to find out where your speech is located. From there they will be able to decide whether or not you are indeed a candidate. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.

about ltl epilepsy

Dear wendy,

 m glad tht now u r completely seizure free, may Allah keep u healthy n happy. i have few questions 2 ask u if u dont long did it take u in the hospital 2 recover. insha Allah my 21 month old son is also going 2 have this surgery.

if u cud email me on, i really need 2 talk 2 some1 who has undergone this surgery.

may Allah bless u wiv all d gudness in tht u deserve. amin.

take care. Allah hafiz.



Re: Re: Re: need to know more about left temperal lobe surgery

Wendy, I had left temp lobe surgery in March 2006 and have been siezure free ever since and am now starting to withdraw from my medications. However, I went through a lot of testing prior surgery, 7 days of video EEG and subsequent pet scan,ct scans, fmri test- a relatively new test that is been used instead of the wada test. plus nueropshycology testing and other mental aptitude testing .
You must have tests prior to surgery to see if you are a suitable candidate for surgery,not every case of epilepsy is suitable.
I have no regrets about the surgery now, I have some periphal vision loss but that is not a problem for me.
As long as you have the right attitude about the surgery and you have support (family) to help you after surgery when you get home,you should come through the operation experience for the better.
Good Luck

Re: Re: Re: Re: need to know more about left temperal lobe surge

thank you so much i feel much better about the whole thing. you are very helpful
thank you
wendy krieselcompton

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: need to know more about left temperal lobe s

Hi Wendy:
I had my LTL surgery in July of this year so am now two months post-surgery and thus far seizure free, touch wood. Before having surgery I went through a battery of tests, eeg, neuropsychological testing, a veeg that lasted just under two weeks and a functional mri which takes the place of the WADA in the States.
Should you have any questions regarding the specifics, feel free to contact me and I'll try to help you out.
In the meantime, best of luck with your upcoming surgery. It'll be here before you know it.

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