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Non-Epileptic Surgery Issues

I've struggled with nausea and vomiting for years now, and being only 21, that's a frustrating fact. When I was diagnosed in October with epilepsy it was a huge blow to figuring out my digestive issues. Why? Well, most doctors decided that you're brain short circuiting and overloading was more important than the fact you had a "tummy ache". Then I was hospitalized twice due to severe dehydration, one time malnutrition despite the fact that I'd been eating. So, finally, a few weeks ago my doctor informs me that they're finally testing my gall bladder function. It's been sonogrammed several times, swollen a couple, but the doctor's were all convinced "You're to young to have gall bladder disease, and they're aren't any stones." WELL a hida scan showed that, indeed, my gall bladder is not functioning well at all, and that the best way to treat is to remove it. QUESTION I have trouble with sedatives setting off seizure activity. I'm still not totally treated with medications for the seizures, still having myoclonic jerks, and an occasional partial. I underwent sedation with Versed and Demerol, and was fine. However, two nigths prior a low dose of sleeping medication sent me into status. (Oh yeah, I don't know what it is because it's not in my medical records ANYWHERE. The doctor's deny it happened. My husband was there, he saw it happen). What risks are there besides the obvious seizure activity? They're discussing doing it as an outpatient procedure, but if I suffer partials due to the anesthesia I'm seemingly coherent but not coherent at all. I'll groggily answer questions but I have no recolection of having done so.(Once I put all the dishes away, went into the living room and sat down. A few moments later I announced that I had to do the dishes. My husband had to show me that I'd already done them! They were all put away in the right cupboard but in the wrong sections.) Anyways, anyone have advice on undergoing general anesthesia with a seizure disorder? I'm very nervous. Unless I have a full Tonic Clonic (rare) I don't lose all conciousness during seizures. They haven't pinppointed the type of epilepsy I have either, so it's hard to explain. Basically though, if I have seizures it's like paralysis, I'm aware of this jerk or that jerk, and of people talking and being around me, I just don't hear much of what is said, I'm in a bubble almost. It's scary if I'm having the myoclonic jerks over and over because they hurt. My worst fear is that I will go into a myoclonic loop like I did before with the one sedative, and I felt it all and had to deal with it all :0( It was horrible.


Re: Non-Epileptic Surgery Issues

They will use types of general anesthesia to control status if nothing else will work. If it is outpatient surgery they probably won't use general anesthesia.

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