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Parietal Lobe Surgery Tests - coming soon at last!

Hi everyone, I just wanted to share the good news I got yesterday from the hospital. I have been waiting for a few months now to undergo the fMRI, neuro-psychological exam, and wada test for my surgery decision and they have finally come back to me yesterday saying I should have neuro -psychological exam in either Sep or Oct, but no later. Then it will be the Wada. And the software that needed to be installed in the mri machine for my fMRI is now finally in...which means I should be called in for that soon :-) The nurse in the epilepsy ward from the hospital said it's all rolling now! You really need a lot of patience in this game, but should be worth the wait! :-) I know the doctors and nurses are doing their best.


Re: Parietal Lobe Surgery Tests - coming soon at last!

Best wishes in the wada test, Quirky.

Re: Re: Parietal Lobe Surgery Tests - coming soon at last!

thanks Sol!

When I got home from work yesterday there was a letter in the post from the hospital for me, letting me know that my neuro-psyschological exam has now been arranged for September 12th :-)
That's one of them on their way at least. Fantastic!

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