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Possible VNS malfunction

Not looking for medical advice, as I am calling Dr in morning.
I had my device implanted 1/23/19. Tonight I stretched really big & felt a pop. I waited for it to go off again ( every 5 minutes) & finally just grabbed magnet to seeing was still connected. I felt it in my chest (that lind of pressure feeling) but didn't feel it in my neck like I normally do. Question is, if the lead becomes disconnected from device, would I still feel the 'pressure'?
Thanks for any help you can provide & have a blessed day.


Some of the side effects and

Some of the side effects and health problems associated with implanted vagus nerve stimulation can include:    Voice changes.    Hoarseness.    Throat pain.    Cough.    Headaches.    Shortness of breath.    Difficulty swallowing.    Tingling or prickling of the skin.

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