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post op complications?

Has anyone here who had the RTL experienced severe facial swelling following the surgery? I had my RTL on January 3rd, and was doing pretty well until today when my eye swelled shut and the rest of my face doubled in size. Accompanied by a tremendous headache. Spent the day in the ER and they have no idea why it is happening. CT was fine. Showed allover swelling but no bleeding or leakage of spinal fluid. No infection found in the labwork either. Also, my right eye was dilated and cloudy and not functioning as well as the left. Very strange.


Re: post op complications?

I just had a RTL on June 6th & afer my surgery, I experienced alot of swelling on the side where they did the surgery..... My eye was shut closed & I had to continuously ice it for it to open..... I had a little redness(looked like blood) in my eye, but it eventually went away as well. In time swelling will be gone, but iceing it helped alot...
Hope that helped.... feel free to ask me anything....

take care,


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